Whilst those of us in the UK are suffering with runny noses and scarf wrapped necks, the Caribbean is fulfilling its long-famed duty of keeping thousands of holiday-goers spirits high and heated. An estimated 9 million Brits travel to the islands every December alone and with such amazing weather, vibrant landscapes and hospitable locals it’s easy to see why.

Sabrina in Anguilla

Sabrina in Anguilla

Last month I joined the escape brigade and travelled to one of the more elite islands of the scattered collection, the captivating castaway destination of Anguilla.

The dazzling corner of paradise was without a doubt the most beautiful island I’ve ever seen in The Caribbean with incomparable azure blue waters and sandy white beaches. I’ve travelled myself to sixty countries and nowhere has caught my awe-struck attention quite like the island of Anguilla.

The spectacular scenery is everything to write home about but what makes the mirage-like haven even more special is the luxury living on offer to visiting guests. With so much splendour and extravagance it’s almost impossible to choose which resort you chose to stay in but having visited a number of properties, it’s comforting to know that there is no ‘bad’ choice when it comes to accommodation in Anguilla.

No matter which hotel you opt for out of the following, you’ll enjoy the pristine beaches and world-class service that Anguilla is famed for. Book in at the Cuisin Art Hotel for the perfect mix of sport and spa, The Belmond Cap Juluca for a more secluded romance,  Malliouhana is your invitation to join the ‘it’ crowd and Zemi Beach Club is the hot-spot for a classy but casual get-a-way.

With the five-star luxury resorts fringing the shoreline there’s no chance of not eating well in Anguilla. Some of the best restaurants in the Caribbean are based on the island, each with their own showstopping view to ensure every mealtime is a magical experience for all senses!

Whilst the world on land is home to some architectural marvels, the waters that surround the island of Anguilla have their very own charm. In all my years of travelling I have never seen such clear and mesmerising turquoise shades of ocean and such beauty attracts a world of wonder below. Snorkelling in the secluded bays just for a few minutes allows you to see a welcome vibrancy of life. It’s common to swim side by side stingrays, barracudas, turtles and an array of brightly coloured tropical fish just metres from the shore.

Alongside the irresistible invite into the ocean there’s so many options for on-land activities showcasing the natural beauty of both the island and the friendly locals, from grabbing a bite to eat at local beach bars to rum tasting and horse back riding to hiking, the island and islanders have an undeniable passion for life. With such a stunning daily backdrop, it’s easy to see why!

I’ve been to many wonderful wanderlust locations in the past few years but my desire to return somewhere has never been stronger! Add Anguilla to your travel bucket list and I’ll meet you there 😉  

Written by Sabrina Chakici, TV Host & Travel Writer. Follow her travels at www.clutchandcarryon.com