New Zealand is one of the top destinations

New Zealand is one of the top destinations

New research carried out by, an online independent travel agency, has revealed that a fifth of holidays in 2014 could be inspired by places that have appeared on our screens.

The poll was part of an on-going study into the holiday booking habits of people in the UK to see what inspires people when it comes to picking a location for their next vacation and discovered that 22% of UK residents are thinking of planning a trip abroad based on somewhere they have seen in a film.

Managing Director of, Chris Clarkson made the following comments: “Films and TV programmes often showcase destinations in their very best possible light, so it’s easy to see why people may be tempted by the glitz and glamour the big screen shows. However, it always pays to research a destination you want to visit, as it might not be all that similar to the way it comes across in the movies.” asked 2,148 adults from around the UK if they had previously visited a place abroad because they saw it in a film or TV programme and liked the look of it and 11% of those adults said ‘yes’.

These people were then asked what film or TV programme the destination had been featured on, the respondents could select multiple destinations and here are the most common answers:

Wellington, New Zealand (Lord of the Rings)

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand (The Beach)

Skopelos, Greece (Mamma Mia!)

New York, USA (Sex and the City series)

Bali (Eat, Pray, Love)

Las Vegas, USA (The Hangover)

Venice, Italy (The Tourist)

Virginia, USA (Dirty Dancing)

Beverley Hills, California, USA (90210)

Marbella, Spain (The Only Way is Essex)


When the people surveyed were questioned about whether they thought they would actually end up visiting one of the places mentioned above, 62% said they probably wouldn’t and 44% of those people said the reason was because they would stick to where they have been before and know they like.

Chris Clarkson shared his advice on booking a holiday: “Always make sure that you know all there is to know about a holiday destination before you commit to booking, so you aren’t disappointed on arrival!”


Have you ever been inspired to visit a specific place after seeing it in a film or TV programme? I’ve always wanted to travel around America after seeing many locations on TV. I would also love to go to Italy or Thailand!


By Natasha Akpan for