Beer Belly

Beer Belly

A new study has found that it’s not just women that worry about their bodies on holiday. Listing 10 pre-holiday stresses, men worry most about their beer bellies, which ranks higher than holiday cash flow and missing out on major sporting events when they are on abroad. However, despite this worry, most do absolutely nothing about it to change.


Much of the holiday preparation focuses on woman getting the perfect beach and bikini bodies, however a recent study found that men worry about their beach physique just as much as woman do, however are less likely to act on it.


The study took 1,278 men all over the age of 18 all of whom had been away in the last year.


Those taking part were asked, ‘What things, concerning your holiday, did you worry about before last heading abroad, if any?’


According to the results, the top 10 things men are most likely to worry about when getting ready for a holiday are as follows:


1.       Get rid of beer belly – 51%

2.       Missing out on sport events/ favourite sport team matches when abroad – 48%

3.       Saving enough money for holiday– 43%

4.       Getting ahead at work – 41%

5.       Weather abroad– 40%

6.       Leaving pets at home – 36%

7.       Putting on weight on holiday – 27%

8.       Getting on with kids/ family when abroad– 24%

9.       Getting passport/ visa ready – 18%

10.   Keeping kids entertained abroad – 14%


Despite the worry of extra weight around the middle, 53% of the participants said they had done no diet or exercise to get rid of the pounds. 31% had tried to shift the flab but their efforts had failed to work.  Surprisingly, 78% said that they did not worry about their bodies once they were away on holiday.


Steph Curtin, Cruise Development Manager of the website Bonvoyage, spoke about the findings:


“It looks like looking good on holiday is not just a concern of women, but I have to say I didn’t expect this to be the top concern of men when it comes to pre-holiday preparation! We all want to have our beach body ready and lose a few pounds before heading on holiday, as it can often be the case that holidays are a time of over-indulgence. However, it looks like these concerns fly out of the window as soon as we take off- so they won’t be ruining holidays for blokes it seems!”


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