If you decided that you want to go travelling alone for the first time, congrats! The world of solo travellers is quite of a small one, especially when it comes to women solo travellers, but it’s a real opportunity to discover yourself! And you will soon come to realize how incredibly rewarding travelling the world alone really is. But fear and uncertainty is really something you might face, so we have a small list of tips and tricks that will help you plan the whole experience easier and with higher rates of success.

Do your research.

Do your research.

Getting Started 

Yes, planning ahead is necessary and having some perspective on what is waiting for you during this journey, just as well. But try not to overthink it. It won’t bring you any sort of advantage. Instead, think of the destination and what legal aspects you have to meet before your departure. Are you in for an unforgettable week in Malaysia? Then a Malaysia visa will be necessary. Think of these aspects before anything else!

  • Do your research. Yes, this is obvious, but you would be amazed by the number of individuals that leave for their first experience of this kind after only reading some guides. Read online forums, ask for other’s opinion. Lonely Planet is an amazing place for this. Start from there, you will be amazed by the resourceful and helpful community that you will find there! Travel blogs are also helpful, so search around the web.
  • Study a map before your departure. Knowing your itinerary with certainty will definitely help you get around easier and you will also have a plan for your transportation and the budget that you dedicate to it.
  • Plan a budget and try to stick to it. While the word goes that solo travel is incredibly expensive, this is true only if you do it wrong.


We know; we are always tempted to over pack on our adventures, but this time, keep it minimal. You will be carrying around all that luggage and you want to make it accessible and wearable, above all. Pack according to the weather, only a few articles of each; one when it comes to your jacket. Wash them in your hotel room, and hang them to dry. This is manageable, trust us!

Take It Slow 

You will want to make the most of your first solo trip, but don’t overwork yourself. Visit just as much as you can and still feel relaxed at the end of the day. While there might be plenty of places to visit, choose the ones that you dream the most about.

Always Remain Positive 

Your attitude will be the deal maker or breaker in this case. A positive attitude will help you see the good parts of your trip, even when you might get lost. Being negative about everything will cause you not to enjoy your experience and spoil it with your thoughts.

This is our small guide for all first-time solo female travellers out there. Don’t be afraid of this experience, as it will turn out to be one of the most rewarding that you had.

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