Bolton Abbey was a place where my brother and I spent hours of fun frolicking in the river: seriously, give a kid a river and a dingy/lilo and they really will have hours of fun.

Bolton Abbey is a terrific Yorkshire beauty shot that is perfect for families, photographers, walker, runners, and cyclists - there really is something for everyone.

In the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, Bolton Abbey is on the banks of the River Wharfe and has eighty miles of footpaths across some of the most beautiful Yorkshire countryside.

If you are a photography enthusiast, there really is something for everyone from the Abbey itself, to landscape photography to the local wildlife that you can spot on many of the walking routes.

I hadn't been to Bolton Abbey in many years, and headed to this beauty spot to capture some images of the Abbey.

Overlooked the spot is the ruins of the 12th century priory. The abbey looms over the landscape and really does photograph so beautifully - particularly if you get a lovely day.

The Abbey makes perfect landscape images, but you can also wander through the ruins and get up close and personal with this beautiful building.

If buildings are your thing as a photographer, there is more than just the Abbey as you can also walk down to Barden Tower or takes some great images of the aqueduct that crosses the River Wharfe.

There are also some terrific walks to enjoy at Bolton Abbey, as there are eighty miles of paths around the site.

You can enjoy a trek down to the Valley of Desolation - complete with waterfall - or stay by the river and wander through Strid Wood. On all the routes, there are some fantastic wildlife and plant life to watch out for.

Bolton Abbey has always been a terrific day out, whether you want to lounge by the river of take advantage of the wonderful countryside, there really is something here for everyone to enjoy.

If you have a photography day out or walk that you have really liked share your experience with us.

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