the gift of money

the gift of money

As each Monday morning comes around and you say to yourself that ‘you are ok you don’t need a holiday this year’, more and more Brits are giving into going on holiday with their parents because they can’t afford to pay for their own trip.  


The so called Boomerang Generation revealed that they will be going away with their parents this year (that’s 11% of 18-34 year olds) as they can’t find the funds to go away on their own.


34% of young professionals said that if not going away with their parents, they will be borrowing from them in order to go away.


With the rise of the Boomerang Holiday, parents are finding they have to cough up an average of £933.39 to cover not only their own cost but that of their grown up children.  


Accommodation and flights, £280.15 and £219.63 respectively are the largest expenses, while meals are coming in at around £167.17 and drinks at £124.14.  


Parental Holiday Expenditure (per adult offspring)









Day trips


Bar bill






Aberdeen residents are most likely to have to come up with the goods as almost 23% of boomerang adults live in Scotland relying on the income of their parents to subsidise their own.


Duncan Jennings, Co-founder of says:


“Our research shows the phenomenon of the boomerang generation isn’t just limited to adults living at home with their parents. Boomerang holiday takers are relying on their parents to pay for every aspect on the holiday, from flights to food, meaning the cost quickly mount up.


“For parents saddled with paying to take their grown-up kids away, there are lots of tips and tricks to help reduce costs. Timing is crucial in securing a bargain; many companies offer the biggest discounts at the start of the month whilst big money-off vouchers tend to only be live for a few days.

Sign up to voucher sites’ alerts or newsletters to stay ahead of the curve and get the best deals on anything from flights to sun cream.”





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