The Brimstone Spa is located a mere 1-minute walk from the Brimstone Hotel, so it’s ideal for if you want a lazy day onsite during your stay on the Langdale Estate.

Brimstone Spa

Brimstone Spa

When we arrived, we had to fill out a form before choosing a treatment. We both opted for the Spellbind as we had been decorating the weekend before and thought it would ease the sore muscles caused by too much stretching.

The therapist offered us one of three scented bags to have on us throughout the day to clear the sinuses and calm the mind.  We just had to choose whichever one we liked the most to put in our robe pockets.

The Spellbind is the Brimstone autograph full body massage.  It uses specialised muscle comforting techniques with unusual warm oil blends that promised to leave us with a soothed body and mind, so we were keen to find out if it delivered.

We were given a key code and this permitted us access to a designated locker which had a robe, flip flops (which were ours to keep) and a towel inside before heading out for our treatments.

My beauty therapist asked me if there were any areas to avoid and at the time, I was having trouble with my foot, so she steered clear of this during the treatment. She also gave me a choice of three oils- depending on how I wanted to feel during and after the massage. I chose the star anise blend as this would leave me feeling uplifted and ready for our evening out.

The massage was 50 minutes in total and my therapist worked a lot on my back as she said it was very tense- adjusting the pressure accordingly. She also targeted my legs, arms, shoulders, neck and feet (both front and back)- so it tackles all the potentially problematic areas. I left feeling a little achy as is normal with every massage, but the rooms are designed to help to relive those aches and pains throughout the day.

After our treatments, and a short rest in the post treatment room, we were left to explore. The spa boasts many different elements and rooms and has showers dotted around the building, so you can cool off in between.

The therapist recommended that we spend 15-20 minutes in each of the rooms to get the benefit from each experience, so we worked our way around what there was to offer.

The Foot Bath provided a place for us to discuss our treatments and look out at the pool and trees while the bath went to work- offering a reflexology foot massage- designed to give you more energy. It really helped to ease the discomfort in my foot so the ideal place to start.

We went into the Laconium next which contains three heated chairs facing a forest scene on a screen- and is supposed to boost circulation with soft heat. This is another cosy place to sit and talk or simply relax from the warmth of the seats and the air around you.

The Herbal Steam Bath smelled like a herb garden in summer. It is renowned for its healing properties- the steam helps to clear your pores and relieve any muscle ache you might have.

After this room, we entered the Mineral Steam Bath which is geared up to calm the body and the mind and it certainly did its job.  The only thing it clouds is your vision!

Next, we visited the Lava Sauna which was ideal for sweating out those toxins that the massage had just released.

The Herbal Sauna was a dry heat with the same delightful herby smell of the fairer months- it had a landscape view of the surrounding area too, so you can either lie down on the boards or look out onto the estate. We both felt very smug to be in a toasty warm room as the frost was just thawing outside.  

The Himalayan Salt Steam is designed to increase your vitality with a salt stone- you can adjust the temperature depending on how steamy you prefer it by pouring water onto the stone and letting it work its magic.

Finally, w spent some time in the Outdoor Finnish Sauna which is the place to go once you’ve had a dip in the outdoor pool to warm up and admire the view from the window.

The outdoor pool is perfect for watching the world go by- as you feel the warmth of the water against your body and the pinch of the cold air on your face. We spent a while there looking out onto the forest and the outdoor wood burning fire while we chatted and enjoyed the jacuzzi chair and mini waterfall.

The spa has areas to read or take a nap- there are magazines available, however if you plan on spend the whole day there, you might like to take your own book with you.

There are double beds located upstairs in the spa if you want more privacy and room when you rest. We also enjoyed a light lunch in the spa’s café where they serve sandwiches, salads and smoothies as well as free fruit. This was a great way to break up the day before we headed back in. The best part is- you can venture into there in your robes, so you don’t have to get changed.

On the bottom floor, there is a large pool and jacuzzi, so if you want to do laps- this pool more suited than the one in the spa. Plus, there are games by the poolside so if you fancy a quick round of Connect Four- you can end the day on a high- well only if you win!

There is infused water provided in all of the rooms to keep hydrated after treatments and between experiences as well as spare robes and towels, so you are well looked after during your visit.

The spa is perfect for couples who want a day to rest and recuperate. After two busy weekends of DIY- it was just what we needed to heal our bodies and clear our minds.

There weren’t many other couples milling around either so at times it felt like we had the place to ourselves. The spa is such a generous size that you don’t feel like you’re sharing it a lot of the time.

As its on site, you can pop across from your room when you’re ready- and similarly- if you would rather get a shower in the comfort of your own room- you don’t have to venture far when you’re done.  

The warming rooms and pool are just what you need on a crisp winter’s day- so the spa is perfect for this time of year. Definitely one to tick off the list if you are staying in the Brimstone.

Please note: Langdale Hotel guests can use the spa too for a charge of £45 per person which is redeemable against any one hour treatment. 

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