Woman reading Ipad

Woman reading Ipad

Lastminute.com found that 90% of Brits on holiday spend 4 hours a day on their tech devices, which equates to two days of their holiday!


It would seem everything that a holiday boasts, such as the culture, the food and the scenery are not tempting enough for us as we would rather have our heads down looking at a phone or an I pad!


Ella said:


‘I was devastated when I found out that I had no reception on holiday in certain places, I had to contain my social media check-ups to a small portion of the day, whereas I would normally be on Facebook a lot more at home.’


48% of travellers revealed that their devices keep them from getting bored while on holiday. 31% spend their time posting pictures of themselves on holiday to be the envy of all of their friends.


Women tend to share more photos than men of themselves on holiday, with a huge 30% sharing ‘selfies’ over social media outlets. 25% of men take photos of themselves and their developing tans to show off to the pasty white people back home.


27% of Brits would not consider staying at a hotel abroad that did not have free Wi-Fi. This results in them loosing star or two in their hotel’s rating, with 40% choosing a hotel of 2-3 stars over ones with 5 stars simply to have the added benefit of Wi-Fi.


James said:


‘I feel lost when I can’t see what is happening on Facebook every day, I feel like I have missed a big chunk of my life out and behind on all the gossip!’


It would seem that Wi-Fi is just as important while we are out and about too, with 30% choosing a restaurant that had free Wi-Fi over a one that didn’t. 14%  purchase a foreign sim card for while they are way to keep abreast of new uploads on social media while they are at the beach or on excursions.


Mark Maddock, Managing Director of lastminute.com UK and Ireland said:


“Whether it’s a good distraction or not, the reality is our customers are now always connected – and they want this to continue seamlessly when they are abroad. We are finding with our hotel partners it is no longer enough to offer guests free Wifi; it is also about the quality and speed of the internet connection. We have connected travel with technology since 1998 but would be the first to say to customers – don’t forget to switch off when you are on holiday and open your eyes to where you are in the world.”


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