Caribbean island, Mustique,

Caribbean island, Mustique,

At this time of year, going abroad is on the majority of Brits wish list. Imagining yourself lying on the beach, enjoying the sun shine down upon you, whilst you sip on your ice-cold mojito. But the location is a little hazy and you’re unsure of were to escape to for your summer holiday. It seems that celebrities influence our decision on where we choose to catch the rays.

Tripadvisor have seen a huge surge in interest of the Caribbean island, Mustique, after Cheryl Cole shared the surprise news on Sunday that she married her French beau, Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, allegedly on the island.

The island has proved popular with British travellers as a 648% rise in search activity has taken place since Cheryl Cole hit headlines about her marriage.

TripAdvisor also found that, Macaroni Beach, the place where the ceremony supposedly took place, saw an even bigger 5,667% rise.

TripAdvisor spokesperson, James Kay said: “Musique is a popular hang-out for celebrities, and from reading traveller reviews of its two luxury hotels you can see why.”

Two TripAdvisor travellers who have had the good fortune of staying at The Cotton House, the island’s best rated hotel according to TripAdvisor reviewers, added: “Whether in the rooms, the restaurant, the bar, or on the beach, the service is first class. The location couldn't really be better. White sandy beach, spectacular views and great sunsets.

“The Cotton House has blown everything else away. Here is why - it has history (the museum, Sugar Mill, historic Cotton House), unbelievable natural beauty (it is set on a horseshoe beach which also happens to double as a bird sanctuary), the ability to explore and hands down has the best people working there.”


For more information about Mustique, visit the island’s respective TripAdvisor destination page, TripAdvisor Mustique.


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