PODCAST: The Discount Travel Phenomenon

In 2013, booking a cheap holiday has become almost a sport to the millions of us who love to beat the bank by using every way possible to nab discount flights, bargain basement hotel deals and cheaper than cheap package holidays.

According to new research released by Hotwire, more than a fifth of us either never or very rarely pay full price for a flight, while close to a third would never or hardly ever pay the going rate for a hotel room.

Our travel habits have also adapted with more of us now taking frequent, cheaper, short trips abroad rather than expensive long vacations.

Other methods such as looking out for flash sales and booking secret hotels where you don't know where you're going until you've paid are also rising in popularity, so how much could you be saving from being smarter when it comes to travel?

And with the recession not looking likely to end any time soon what other trends are travel experts expecting to emerge? Could the day come when for the sake of a discount price, you find yourself booking a holiday without knowing where you are going until you arrive at the airport?

Our experts discuss this trend in the podcast above.

FemaleFirst @FemaleFirst_UK