Disneyland, Paris

Disneyland, Paris

Disneyland, Paris is a magical place where all your dreams will come true. A place where everything comes to life and colours shine brighter than ever before, step in to this fairytale that will take you on a journey of a lifetime. And if you want to light up your children's faces like you've never seen them before, this is the place to go.

Your favourite Disney characters are living within the walls of this kingdom and as you enter you will see them bursting with life and excitment. Meet Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Captain Jack Sparrow and Winnie the Pooh and Friends, this park is full of classic Disney characters who are waiting for a friendly hug and are willing to give their autograph and pose for a picture. Disneyland also offers great oppurtunites and allows your children to dine like prince and princesses with the Disney characters.

Disneyland, Paris is full of five magical lands from Main Street, U.S.A, which is a small-town during the 1990's which allows you to travel down the street in a horse and carrriage, to Fantastyland, where you get to see the fairytales that inspired the classic Disney films.

Join the Mat Hatter's Tea Party and take a spin in one of the tea cups or step inside Sleeping Beauty's castle to make your little girl feel like a true princess.

This park is burting with magical fun for all the family and will offer a true enchanted experience for you all.

Visit these 5 charismatic lands in the park:

Main Street, U.S.A. - The theme to this land is U.S.A. during the 1900's when Walt Disney was a young boy. You will be able to experience what life was like for him as you take a stroll down the Victorian streets and visit the arcades to learn the inventions of the 20th Century creations.

Frontierland - Step in to the Wild West and hop on the runaway mine train to enjoy the true Cowboy experience. And while you're here take a paddle on the riverboats and enjoy the sights of the Old West, Frontierland.

Adventureland - If you're looking for excitment and a whole bunch of thrills, take a trip to Adventureland. You will able to ride the ship from the Pirates of a Caribbean and take a ride on the runaway wagan, inspired by Indiana Jones.

Discoveryland - This land is all about the future and technology. Do you think you've got it in you to fight Toy Story's Zurg? Take on the battle here! Or take to the skies with Space Mountain: Mission 2.

Fantastyland - This is the final land in Disneyland. This place is perfect for kids and will bring out your inner child. Take a fly with Peter Pan or get lost in the maze inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

And once you are tired out from all the rides, why not settle down with a show? The park holds a number of fairytale shows and you'll be able to find one to suit everyone's needs.

The park has several hotels to suit your needs and budget so finding a place to stay will be simple and stress free. Treat your kids and embrace the magic, Disneyland, Paris is one for all age groups.

By Claire Lancaster

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