Dove Stone Reservoir

Dove Stone Reservoir

Dove Stone Reservoir is one of those places that lies not too far from where I live, and yet is somewhere I knew nothing about until recently.

It is amazing at how little you have to travel to find a place that is truly beautiful - if you are into your landscape photography, then Dove Stone is definitely a place that you should check out.

Set on the edge of the Peak District and above the village of Greenfield, Dove Stone is a fantastic tourist attraction for a wide range of users.

Not only is it perfect for the photography enthusiast, but walkers, bird/nature spotters, bikers, and boaters can all get something out of this piece of countryside. It is also perfect if you are just looking for somewhere to walk the dog.

A series of reservoirs are perfect to walk around and the hedgerow and woods that surround the water are perfect for animal/insect/flower photography.

Orange Hawkweed

Dove Stone is an RSPB site, and so gets a wide range of bird all year around from Curlew to dippers and lapwings.

Butterflies are also thriving at the site and these make for perfect photo opportunities - getting them to hold still is the tricky part.

Common Blue, Large Skipper, and Peacock are just some of the different butterflies to watch out for on your stroll.

Common Blue

The Green Hairstreak is a rare and declining species of butterfly but is doing well at the site: sadly, I did not spot one on my visit.

However, really it is the scenery that really does steal the show, and will make for some wonderful photographs.

Dove Stone Reservoir is a great place to spend a day - there really is something there for everyone. On top of that, you will only have to cough up a bit of parking money... yes, it is free!!!

If you have a photography day out or walk that you have really liked share your experience with us.

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