Edinburgh Castle: The city's biggest icon

Edinburgh Castle: The city's biggest icon

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and holds historical vaule to the UK. The capital was built around the Old Town until the late 18th century, which will provide much interest to history enthusiasts as you walk down to the Grassmarket, where public hangings once took place. As you explore the cobbeled streets and the histoical buildings, you will get a real feel for the city and its contribution to history.

Whether you want a romantic getaway with your partner or a weekend away with the kids, the beautiful city of Edinburgh is the place to go. And there are many free things to do once there to ensure a cheap holiday for you all.

What is there to do?
Edinburgh is a city that has many free museums which is perfect for a family day out. Why not visit the National Museum of Scotland located in the Old Town which now holds over 20,000 exhibits. Learn about the history of Scotland or tehnology of the future, the National Museum of Scotland contains something for everyone and will not disappoint.

If you want something more personalised visit the National Gallery of Scotland, which is the second most visited attraction; after the castle, in Edinburgh. The museum holds Scotland's fine art collection, holding work from popular artists' such as Van Gough. Or why not relieve your childhoold by visiting the Museum of Childhood, which holds a range of toys and games from different time periods.

With over 16 museums in the city, there is plenty to see and learn. However if museums are not your thing, take a stroll in one of Edinburgh's top parks or if you are up for a challenge climb up Arthur's Seat and enjoy the view of the city once you reach the top. Arthur's Seat is an extinct volcano at the head of the Old Town which is approximatly 280 metres high and 6km in distance.

Other attractions include the famous Edinburgh castle, which sits on a great rock and looks over the city. Many battles have been fought here and the castle has been home to many Scottish monarchs including Queen Margart and Mary Queen of Scots. The castle also holds the crown jewles which tourists can visit and once visiting the castle, you will walk away with a better understanding of the history of Scotland. Make sure you see the One o'clock gun fired, which traditonally started in 1861 to help ships maritime clocks in order to navigate the globe. The castle is Scotland's number one leading tourist attraction and is a must see on your visit to Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Zoo is a short bus ride away from the city centre and is the home to Yang Guang and Tian Tian, the only giant pandas to live in the UK for 17 years. It is a great day for the kids and allows tourists to see animals up close and personal. The zoo includes big cats, sun bears, birds, monkeys and loads more interesting and unique animals to admire and learn more about.

If a scare is what you are after, 'The Edinburgh Dungeons' is for you. The Dungeons explores frighting history events from how people were tortured to the execution of Scotland's patriot, William Wallace. The events are carried out by actors and offer a frighting experience to visitors.

Summer Festivals for the family
Edinburgh is popular for its summer festival the 'Edinburgh Festival Fringe' which is held every summer between the 2nd - 26th August and is the largest arts festival in the world. Although some events charge and can be expensive, many of the events are completly free. The events includes street performers from drama, music, comedy and dance acts which is performed on the Royal Mile.

The festival includes a mixture of free and paid for events and fall under many categories including cabaret, children shows, comedy, dance, music and theatre.