Camping trips are eco-friendly, inexpensive and exhilarating

Camping trips are eco-friendly, inexpensive and exhilarating

Camping has long been an inexpensive and exciting way to enjoy a tailor-made holiday. Perfect for couples, families and groups of friends alike, camping is ideal for both weekend getaways and long exploration trips.

A camping holiday in the UK is eco-friendly, and gives you the freedom and flexibility that most other holidays, especially package holidays abroad, do not provide. On a camping holiday you are free to arrive at and leave your wilderness escape as and when you like, and you are not bound by hotel meal times, excessive airport waits or awkward flight times.

A camping holiday does wonders for your health and wellbeing. The fresh air, exercise and sheer serenity of the whole experience is guaranteed to improve your outlook on, and quality, of life. Use camping to experience some productive relaxation time with your significant other or bond with your family on long, exhilarating walks or cycles. Put away the gadgets and mobile ‘phones and really get to know each other in the great outdoors!

Camping doesn’t always have to mean escaping to the wilderness, however. Pitching a tent is a great way to save money on hotel rooms when attending a festival or sporting event, and makes the whole experience much more of an adventure.

You can embark upon a camping a holiday with relatively little luggage, but there are a few necessities you will need in order to make your outdoor adventure safe, comfortable and stress-free.

Part 1: Essentials

A tent

Tents come in a variety of different shapes, styles and sizes to suit your accommodation needs. Gone are the days of complicated tent-building as most modern tents pop straight up out of their case due to their flexible tent poles and sturdy designs. All you are required to do is secure your tent to the ground – leaving you with more time to enjoy your holiday!

Easy Camp Antic Pixel Tent, two-berth, £54.99 at John Lewis

Easy Camp Wilmington 500 Tent, five-berth, £199.99 at John Lewis


A bed

Sleeping in a tent no longer means sleeping on the cold, hard ground or an inadequate roll mat. Sleep in comfort and style on a compact and lightweight airbed and always wake up refreshed and revived. What’s more, the airbeds below come complete with a built in battery pump function for a stress-free set-up. Complete your sleeping experience with a compact and cosy sleeping bag.

Wenzel Double Airbed, £79.99 at John Lewis


Outwell Cedar Double Sleeping Bag, £59.99 at John Lewis


Wenzell Single Airbed, £59.99 at John Lewis


Easy Camp Devil 300 Sleeping Bag, £36.99 at John Lewis

A light source

There are some gadgets you’ll need to ensure your safety on a camping trip. Be sure to take a lantern or a torch with you to allow you to read in bed, bond with your family over board games in the twilight, or for those moments when you might need to leave the tent in the middle of the night for a little modesty trip!

Outwell Acrux Delux Lantern, £8.99 at John Lewis

PowerPlus Puma Torch, £11.95 at John Lewis

Kitchen Essentials

It’s always handy to have a set of sturdy travel plates, bowls, mugs and cutlery so you don’t need to worry about expensive breakages whilst on the road. These Outwell travel accessories are made from biodegradable bamboo, so you can enjoy being even more eco-friendly on your camping trip. Also, pick up a good flask to keep your tea, coffee or soup warm whilst you’re out on those lovely long walks.

Outwell Bamboo Ocean Mug, £2.99 at John Lewis

Outwell Bamboo Dinner Plate, £4.49 at John Lewis

Outwell Bamboo Ocean Bowl, £4.49 at John Lewis


Easy camp Travel Cutlery, £4.95 at John Lewis

Beau & Elliot Twine Vacuum Flask, £16 at John Lewis

Sistema Soup To Go Mug, £5.50 at John Lewis



To keep all of your items safe and secure whilst you’re out and about, make sure you’ve got a roomy, sturdy backpack.

The North Face Borealis Backpack, £70 at John Lewis

Cath Kidston Button Spot Backpack, £45 at John Lewis

Eastpak Padded Pak-R Backpack, £45 at John Lewis


There’s little else you’ll need to enjoy a safe, comfortable camping trip. So go on, stock up on the essentials and hit the road this weekend!

Keep a look out for part 2: camping clothing and outwear.

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