Volunteer at a festival

Volunteer at a festival

As summer is fast approaching, we begin to organise and plan our trips abroad, lets face it, if you want a little sun in your life, you’re better flying overseas, if the British weather is anything to go by! Make a date to see your friend who lives two train rides away and have been planning to meet for too long now. Organise a trip to that festival you have always wanted to go to, as you can’t think of a better way to spend your summer than camping with friends and enjoying the music of artists such as Rita Ora, Rihanna and Example. Suddenly, you have a great long list of things you want to do during summer, but then there is that one little thing stopping you from doing the majority of the plans on the list-money!

Fear not! If that one particular music festival is catching your eye and you know you need to be there then one option is to volunteer. Yes, that’s right, volunteering has become very popular amongst festivals and every year they are looking for new and enthusiastic individuals to help make the whole project run smoothly.

HOTBOX EVENTS is an organisation that provides information all about where you can volunteer and how to do so. Hotbox events began at Leeds festival in 2003 who now supply almost two thousand festival stewards and volunteers. This year they have availability at festivals such as Latitude, Leeds and Reading. These festival hotspots attract a lot of attention so if you can get the chance to volunteer then it is not to be missed.

There are many reasons as to why you should volunteer at a festival:

Free entry into the festival

Instead of working away your weekends or dipping into your savings that were meant to be for a house that you have dreamed about buying since you can remember, then this is a money-saving way to still be able to listen and watch your favourite bands and artists and enjoy a festival filled summer.

Perfect on a CV

Volunteering is ideal on a CV as it shows that you are not afraid to offer help, work as part of a team and get involved in different jobs. It also highlights that you are a motivated individual who will put a great amount of time and effort into unpaid work. By having a volunteering section on your CV this will allow you to stand out from the crowd and add a little something extra.

Meet new people

As well as working at the festival and meeting all the duties and tasks that are given to you, it is also a wonderful opportunity to meet new people. There is nothing better than building friendships with people in a different environment, not only will it make you feel at ease during your time at your chosen festival, but you may also hear about other volunteering opportunities that may interest you. So finding out first hand from someone who has experienced it themselves is a bonus!

Explore Different cities

If you’re the kind of person who likes to venture to different places and explore what England has to offer then this is an ideal opportunity for you. Volunteering in general can take you to many different places, so you don’t need to settle with festivals as you can explore many different volunteering positions that are available.

The following dates that volunteers are needed are as follows:

Latitude festival: 18th-21st July- Henham Park, Southwold, Suffolk

Reading festival: 23-25 August Richfield Avenue

Leeds festival: 23-25 August Bramham Park

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