With our annual overseas holiday postponed due to flight cancelations and country-wide lockdowns, a holiday at home might be the only alternative for a well-deserved break. This summer it's time to park the passport, leave the cases empty and embrace everything that a staycation has to offer. From sipping on your favourite quarantinis to page-turners by the paddling pool, here are our 5 tips to creating a hotel-style staycation right at home.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Give Your Bedroom a 5-Star Makeover

Achieve that first-night on holiday effect by swapping your everyday bed linen for something a little more luxury hotel. Choose bedding that comes in either high thread count Egypatian cotton or lavish silk, guaranteed to deliver a five star sleep. Pillow mint optional.

Reserve Some Quality Me Time

A few days of staycation provides the perfect opportunity to pamper and primp, so make sure to allocate some quality 'me' time. Grab one of your fridge-cooled face masks, add extra bubbles to your bath and prepare to sit back, relax and release your inner goddess.

Host a Gourmet BBQ Party

Mirror the top class service you'd usually have on holiday by hosting a gourmet BBQ party. Forgo the traditional burgers and bangers for flavours from around the globe and remember to serve everything alongside your finest tableware, cutlery and glassware. The al fresco dining experience is sure to get you into the holiday spirit.

Every Hour is Happy Hour

Manhattan, Singapore, Milano...while you aren't visiting these hot-spots anytime soon, that doesn't mean your drinks cabinet can't. Lay down your towel, grab a good book and make time to sip on your most loved quarantini or favoured locktail by the pool, and by pool we mean the paddling kind.

Meditation Station

Out of Office at the ready? Prepare for a digital detox by allocating a space for mindful meditation and light yoga. Set up a few cushions, a comfortable mat, some ambient lighting and allow yourself to go from arghhhh to ommm in no time.

All set on your staycation? Download and print your own Staycation Bingo card and see just how many boxes you can tick.