What would you want?

What would you want?

Well, we found what you wanted form a perfect airport, so now its down to the plane to serve you well! Yutaka lto, of the airline ANA found out what you could have if nothing was off limits on a flight!

The study found that passengers would most like to be piloted by Prince William, have David Walliams as the on flight attendant with an inflight meal made by Jamie Oliver!

Their most desired in-flight film would be Skyfall and the flight would take off at 10.45 am with a cushy check in time of 7.45am. So many flights leave at ridiculous times and that would just be like getting up for work!

Also on the list of requirements would be a meal exactly 48 minutes after departure as well as living near their airport so they could check in late. This means that you have time to settle into the flight and have your alcoholic beverage and bag of nuts without it ruining your inflight meal.

All sets would be in rows of two with a capacity for only 66 people to banish being shuffled on like sheep and be sat next to someone you don’t know and at the end of the flight probably don’t like!

Those who choose to take a lot on the flight with them would do so, regardless of the weight even if it exceeded normal restrictions and be able to keep it on their person rather than storing it away on the overhead bins for quick access to any belongings!

Brits prioritise their sleep and feel that they should be able to have at least 31 minutes of quality nap time without being disturbed by flight attendants, turbulents or other passengers

Children would be allowed on the flight but would have to be quiet, or they would be sent off at the nearest airport.

More practically, most passengers would prefer to fly with an environmentally friendly aircraft.

So there you have it! Not unreasonable eh?

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