Going on holiday with your friends can be fun if it is planned right.

Going on holiday with your friends can be fun if it is planned right.

Two peas in a pod; you always have a laugh together and are inseparable at times. What better way to become even closer than going on holiday together? But wait, is it really a good idea or will you come back with a ruined friendship and high hopes that you never have to spend two weeks alone with each other again?

Spending a few weeks in each others company can be a recipe for disaster but it doesn't need to be all tears, tantrums and arguments if you plan in advance.

Make sure you both share the planning so you both know what to expect from the holiday. That means booking the right destination that will cater for you both and a hotel that will keep you both happy. Also discuss whether it will be ideal for you to share the same room or get seperate ones.

It is also important that you both discuss what you want out of this holiday. If one person wants to spend the nights roaming the bars but the other wants to spend the days exploring the museums, things may lead to a heated argument. It is important to compromise whilst you are away and remember it is as much your friends holiday as it is yours. Do things they enjoy and they will likely do the same for you. And if you can't agree, you can always go your seperate ways and arrange to meet up at a certain place and time later on in the day.

Never assume that just because you are close, it means you will get along on holiday. When you are at home, you both have time to yourself and are not around each other for 24/7. When you are together for a long period of time, little things can begin to irritate you. For the best holiday, it is important that you both allow time alone for each other so you both stay calm and appriciate each other's company that little bit more.

By Claire Lancaster

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