Golden Square Shipping Centre Entrance

Golden Square Shipping Centre Entrance

If you are visiting the North West this autumn/ winter then don’t miss out on the Golden Square Shopping Centre, Warrington. It has recently won the Northern Region Campaign of the Year for exceeding in its marketing strategies to constantly give its customers the best experiences of shopping, fun and food.

When I moved here I was grateful to find the town had a great shopping centre- that had everything I needed for a quick dash in for essentials or a longer day out for a more rounded retail experience.

Had I not been given the opportunity to sample a little more closely what some of the stores had to offer, I would have continued to miss out on the full experience of the mall.

I will openly admit that I am no fashion expert, and I was a little nervous when going into New Look to talk to the staff about the autumn/ winter collection. I was pleasantly surprised how friendly and approachable the staff were even when I asked them to take baby steps with me, given my ignorance of the world of clothes. I spoke to Gina and Karen who gave me some insight into this year’s trends.

If you are looking for a winter coat then apparently the Duster Jacket is the one to go for this fall. In this season’s signature colours of red/ burgundy/ mustard/ navy or raspberry, this is the winter coat to keep you fresh and bang on trend right through till the snow comes.

All of the staff in the store are undergoing a training exercise so each person you approach has the most up to date knowledge of what’s in and what’s not when it comes to your new look.

If you are on a budget- blouses are an all year round piece to have in your wardrobe- which you can dress up with shoes and jewellery or down with jeans and pumps to suit any occasion.

Pretty utility and utility chic is in this autumn, so you need to be looking for your military style chunky, statement pieces or if you are more girly- then floral jewellery with a rocky edge is the way to go.

New Look places itself as a more affordable store, compared to its rivals, however still offers the same signature pieces that you might pay a third more for elsewhere.

It is also a great place to get your underwear and swimwear too- if you are a large chested woman like me- the Kelly Brook collection continues to thrive as it caters for the more realistic bust.

If you are a little shy like me when it comes to shopping for clothes, there is no need; ask the staff in New Look for some help and they will tell you what’s hot and what’s a flop when it comes to your wardrobe choices.

Once you have your outfit, you can head along to Urban Beauty Store to pick up all your essentials for a night out. With a large selection of nail varnishes, makes up, hair dyes and natural and synthetic hair extensions to name a few- you can be sure to get everything you need to accessorise your hair, nails and face! They even stock their own brand glitter, so you can guarantee that everything in the store will be a lot cheaper than its rivals.

Urban Beauty Store has only been in the centre since October; however it has already been widely praised for being the go to place to get all your girly pieces for your make up box.

It even offers free colour matches and fitting if you find some extensions you like or need a bit of guidance if you are unsure of what will suit you- help it as hand.

I met Emma and Jenny who were extremely friendly and I would have no problems asking either for help if I was a new customer. Emma wears extensions already; so she can tell you first-hand how they feel and look.

The store is popular with a younger crowd given the affordable prices to get the look they are hoping for but still with enough money left for wherever occasion they are heading to next.

If you are looking to revamp your skin care collection- I would strongly suggest going to The Body Shop for a free consultation. Keren showed us the new Argan Oil products that have just hit the shelves, including the solid oil, miracle location, scrub and shower gel. A little cheaper than pure argon oil this range is a great new addition to your skincare routine. And they show you first hand how it works by trying it on your skin to smell and feel the benefits.

I happened to be customer of this store before I reviewed it and the service was no different. I have been served by both Keren and Nicola before and they were both just as friendly and helpful as the last time, catering to my needs and listening to my individual requirements.

A great advantage of shopping here are the many many discounts with the Love Your Body Card. For just £5.00 you get 10% off every time you buy something in store, a free birthday gift in the month of your birthday, discount every time you fill your stamps up on the back and a free gift upon joining! I saved a packet last time I went in to restock- and you can be sure that all the products are natural, ethical, kind to the environment and animals- beauty that’s guilt free and ‘with heart’.

My mum, my sister and mother in law all have a Pandora bracelet, so I was thrilled to see what was on offer for the back end of the year in terms of charms for present ideas. Pandora are really going in for the autumnal look this year with bronzes, ambers and golds; embracing all of the key colours and symbols one would associate with the closing of the year. Most of the charms are synonymous with autumn, embracing all things nature with birds, leaves and florals, as well as fairytale themes to reflect that time of year when you begin to curl up and escape into another world with a good book.  

With a huge number of charms having hit the store only last Thursday if you are looking to get something new for your bracelet or make your very own Christmas list then pay them a visit. There is a new addition to the bracelet collection too with the introduction of the Moments Dark Blue Leather and Silver Woven Bracelet. Perfect to accompany the navy blue hues that are all over the clothes shops right now.

The staff in the Warrington branch are always friendly and willing to spend the time with you to get you exactly what you need to suit the individual or a theme. Again, I was a customer here before last week and the service is nothing but consistent. 

The perfect gift purchase for any man to buy his fair lady- one bracelet gets you years’ worth  of presents without having to stress about what to buy your partner each time Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries roll around.

Each bracelet is of course unique to its owner so if you tell the staff what you are looking for they will be able to help you find it and if not they can suggest it for the next wind of new charms.

The brand has of course released other key pieces of jewellery- rings being the most popular, as they can be layered, however there are also necklaces and earrings to feast your eyes on if you are looking to deviate from the bracelet this year.

Since its extension, the Warrington Golden Square Shopping Centre is compact and central. It’s got great connections from Liverpool and Manchester by bus or train so you don’t have to fight the crowds of the city when you can take it at a slower pace here.

There is easily enough for a full day; grab breakfast when you start, shop, snap up a coffee at Starbucks to keep your stamina up, shop and finish an evening meal at ASK, just outside of the centre to complete your day.

This weekend sees the Real Ale Festival at Golden Square from 12.30pm-10.30pm where visitors can sample some of the region’s 50 finest ales and ciders from a range of local breweries. With gourmet pies and local folk bands to polish off the event- it’s something festive to get involved in to show your appreciation for Warrington’s history for brewing beers. 

You can look forward to the Christmas markets too- located in the old market, bursting with crafts and Christmas present ideas as well as the Artisan Market that is on the second Sunday of every month for delicious hot and cold food, quality local produce and live entertainment.

The shopping centre’s recent initiative, ‘Back to the Floor’ saw all the management teams swap their roles for those of the people that work in the mall itself. Now staff at every level have an appreciation of what their fellow colleague’s jobs entail to keep things running smoothly and there is a common respect among all the people who work under its roof.

Couples, families and singles can enjoy it, for there is a shop to suit every need; food, drink, clothes, games, toiletries, toys, perfume, hair, cards, flowers are just some of the treats stocked inside. If the weather isn't great- don’t worry because it’s all under cover too. Parking is free on a Thursday night after 4pm and all day Sunday as well- so really what reason do you have not to visit?

Gift cards are also available for present buyers who just can't find the right gift to buy this Christmas!



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