Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill

When you come up with your list of famous people you would like to date if you got the chance it would seem that Henry Cavill is top on most 18-35’s list for a holiday fling.  

The relentless sunshine has put all you ladies in particularly good moods and let your imaginations run riot as to who you would most like to share a romantic destination with. 

Known for his recent role in Man of Steel, Henry Cavill has it all, the broad shoulders, the six pack, the chiseled jaw, the posh English accent and not surprisingly 45% of woman said that he would be the man they would most like to be trapped on a secluded island with according to LateDeals.co.uk. 

Most women envy Amy Adams, the actress who got to star alongside Cavill in the film and much to our jealousy, kissed!  

Despite not playing on the field of late, we still have a soft spot for the sports star turned super dad David Beckham. And with the regualr tv ads and posters of him dotted around, we can still be entertained by his face and body!

Not surprisingly, Gerard Butler got a mention as did Ryan Gosling in third and fourth place on the poll and I guess that men in shorts never gets old as Tom Daley got fifth place.

It would seem that the name Harry and hot are synonymous as both Harry Styles and Prince Harry came in at sixth and seventh place.

Much to my disgust Daniel Craig

got bumped down to eighth place, when he even has the blue speedos ready just to jet off with you!

Robert Pattinson, despite his unfortunate year in love, was still in your top ten, at number nine and Will-I-Am came in at ten.  

I asked the ladies in the office and this list was heavily disputed for those handsome and rugged men left out such as Chris and Liam Hemsworth, either would do.

For the love of older man, my personal choice would be Liam Neeson or Piece Brosnan. We can’t leave out Hugh Jackman for his recent topless appearances in Wolverine and yes as expected Ryan Gosling got another shout out! So here you go ladies!





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