When we got the offer to check out Hilton Bankside hotel in London, I jumped at the opportunity. I've always been a fan of a Hilton, but hadn't yet seen or even heard of the one in the capital's Bankside.

Close to the Southwark Underground station, the hotel is easily described as an urban dwelling. Work has been done to bring a little bit of shrubbery to the front of the building, and that's to be applauded. Classy and stylistic decoration is apparent from the moment you step up to the hotel, even before you enter through its doors.

Once inside, that style continues. Industrial doors, neutral colours and brilliant lighting ensures that you feel comfortable, no matter which part of the hotel you're in. The same cannot be said for the attached OXBO Bankside restaurant, but we'll talk a little more about that, a bit further down.

Upon arrival, we were immediately offered the opportunity to take part in the Digital Detox experience, inviting guests to sacrifice their mobile phones at the Concierge desk so they can enjoy an evening of device-free pampering and real-life entertainment. Whilst I clung to my phone for dear life, using work as an excuse, it's got to be said that this relatively simple idea is a fantastic one, to encourage interactivity between guests, and bring about potential new bonds and friendships.

Staff are friendly and attentive to all needs. They stand behind huge marble desks in an open-plan reception, which is surrounded by comfy seating areas and leads to a number of elevators, as well as the hotel's restaurant, bar and lounge.

Facilities include a gym and a 17-metre pool, as well as access to a large Executive lounge for food, television, shower facilities and a meeting area for anybody staying in an Executive room.

Upon entering our room, which was muted with tones of olive and green, it became clear that even the 'basic'-level options available were spacious and capable of providing a brilliant experience for all who stayed there. Lighting is great, as is the case with the rest of the hotel, and mini torches are installed on each side of the bed for late-night reading.

The bathrooms are as modern as you'd like, with concrete slab shower floors and stunning slate walls, transporting you from London to a New York City penthouse. There wasn't a bath available in the room that we stayed in, but I'm assured that some are included in a handful of rooms, which are available on request.

OXBO at Hilton Bankside
OXBO at Hilton Bankside

OXBO Bankside - the hotel restaurant - may have been having a rough night when we stayed, but the fact that there weren't very many people in there at all, and we still had to wait nearly half an hour to even get our drinks order taken, is wholly unacceptable. Fortunately, once our order had been taken, the food and drinks came thick and fast, and staff were helpful with our needs.

The Distillery bar was alight with plenty of revellers from the moment we stepped in for a couple of drinks, with joke-cracking, friendly bartenders more than happy to shake up a cocktail or put together a gin concoction for guests.

Honestly, I can't fault Hilton Bankside. It is a gorgeous hotel bursting with creativity and situated in the perfect location for travellers who may be visiting landmarks including the Shard, Shakespeare's Globe and Tate Modern. If you're staying in London and want to enjoy a night or two of luxury, then Hilton Bankside has got you covered. It'll provide an experience you won't forget.

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