Consider a home exchange this summer

Consider a home exchange this summer


You do not have to pay a penny to the locals you are swapping your house with. The only money you will have to pay is that in which to sign up to a home exchange website, your flights and travel insurance. You will be saving a huge amount by opting for home exchange holiday.

Live like a local

You will be able to do and see things that many tourists miss out on the opportunity of doing. You will not be treated like a local and will likely gain more out of your holiday than you would if you booked a hotel.

Meet new people

Locals are often friendly and it is likely people in the neighbourhood will knock on and see how you are getting on. A home exchange gives you the opportunity to meet people you might not have met otherwise.

Keep your home safe whilst you’re away

Houses are more likely to be targeted when you have gone away on your holiday. By letting someone live in your house, it is unlikely that your house will get broken in to and robbed.

Take pets and children with you 

Hotels can be strict about taking pets with you on holiday but many hope swappers allow you to bring your pets along with you, so no hunting around for a dog sitter! Plus you will be able to bring your children with you and live relevantly normal. So you can use the kitchen and feed your baby without it disrupting your lifestyle too much.

By Claire Lancaster

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