family on holiday

family on holiday

Eight out of every ten parents say that they feel frustrated when they go on holiday by unfriendly hotels and staff. More than a quarter of a million parents have left a hotel after finding them to be unhelpful towards their children and that their facilities were not up to scratch when it came to providing for kids.


Top of the pile are lack of child friendly activities to do in the evenings (24%) and unfriendly glances from the other guests (23%) and over a fifth said that it was apparent that other children were not made welcome by the staff.


A study conducted for more than 1000 parents with preschool and school age children aimed to find out what exactly is required to keep the children and the parents happy on holiday; however the results were not positive for the British.


With normal bugbears of going on holiday, such as overheating, organizing flights and foreign food, the staff abroad are considered much more courteous towards families than the British.


A study was conducted by Luxury Family Holidays into what parents need from a break with the kids and demonstrated just how many priorities for luxuries change once children are on the scene.


A quarter of parents prioritized the perfect holiday as a break to an island that no one had heard of, however this changed when children were a factor as the most important thing became ‘quality time spent with the kids’ for 68% of the participants.



Time without the kids still needs to be addressed, given that Mums and Dads work all year round and need a rest too. One fifth of parents said that the last time they had a free afternoon to themselves was over a year ago and 42% wanted a meal out without having to worry about their kids.



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