With the schools off and people in need of a well needed mid-year break from work it was found that holidays are something Brits look forward to more than Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays and New Year.

55.7% of holiday makers look forward more to their yearly getaway than Christmas which came in at 27%. Not surprising, given that a holiday can often mean a week or two away where other significant holidays only span over a few days such as Christmas. Events such as anniversaries, birthdays and new year can be great nights out, but they only last a few hours. With national holidays such as Christmas, there comes the planning, the dinner on the day, the tidying up afterwards. At least with a holiday you can relax after youhagot there and get waited on had and foot for days on end! Despite this large percentage, only 40% are actually happy with their holiday once they come back.

Steve Byrne, Managing Director at Travel Counsellors said: “It is no surprise that consumers prioritise holidays so highly, but what has amazed us is the level of satisfaction"

12% of holiday makers choose their destination according to a travel review or a recommendation from a friend or family member, so if they come back not feeling happy with their choice, it would seem pertinent to get a travel agent involved next time.

Mr Byrne continued: “Holidays are so precious and hard earned so the only way to truly ensure that they are a success is to seek advice, ideally from someone you trust.   As a result we believe that it is the recommendations our Travel Counsellors give their customers, which helps ensure their expectations are met, if not exceeded.  These recommendations are given personally, but many times gleaned from the experiences of 1250 Travel Counsellor Professionals worldwide, so can be trusted.”

Sometimes independent reviews can have their flaws, given what their expectations of the holiday were and how easy or hard they are to please. Travel agents are able to asses each case independently and find a holiday to tailor exactly to their client’s needs.


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