They lie about how much sun they have had!

They lie about how much sun they have had!

One in four holiday makes tell porkies about their holiday because they are afraid of what other people think.


Even if couples have the holiday they want 25% will still lie about the time they had, either exaggerating or toning down things that happened depending on their audience.


This is because 53% of people in the study believe that holiday choice is synonymous with how interesting or cultured you are. Those who choose to travel on cruises are most likely to lie about their holiday than any other holiday type, 61%.


Leger Holidays conducted the study found that people mostly lie about accommodation, travel or sunshine. 12% even go as far as to use fake tan before returning home to give the illusion that they had hotter weather than they actually did.


We are under the impression that family and friends will judge us on return, 27% and 26% respectively, however one in ten are worried about the judgement they might face from social media.


12% have declined the offer of a holiday because of what others might think and 47% will not go on a certain type of holiday for fear of being criticised which include;


  1. 18-30s holidays (22%)
  2. Coach holidays (13%)
  3. Cruises (12%)
  4. Holiday parks (11%)
  5. Single traveller holidays (9%)


Huw Williams, Marketing Director at leading European escorted tour operator Leger Holidays, said:


“It’s a shame that people are worrying so much about what other people might think they’re actually turning down the opportunities to try new travel experiences. It seems to be a combination of fear of what others might say and fear about whether they’ll like a different kind of holiday, with a third of people admitting they’re scared to try something new in case they don’t like it. You’ll never know unless you try, and often the misconceptions are totally out of line with the reality. We know from experience that people can sometimes have very preconceived ideas about escorted coach tours, but actually when they come and try it for themselves, they’re amazed at the places they see, the experiences they have and the comfort and ease of it all.”


Two thirds of people religious about what type of holidays they go on, which means they can be categorised into the following groups:


  1. Contented Comfort Zoner (46%) – knows what they like and doesn’t like to stray too far from it
  2. Habitual Holiday Maker (23%) – has very specific habits and holiday hotspots they always stick to
  3. Exotic Explorer (22%) – never goes to same place twice
  4. Travel Trend-spotter (8%) – chooses holidays based on the ‘in’ place to go or experience to have


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