Do you admit to being a little accident prone? Have you been known to fall over your own shadow? Is the First Aid Kit at the top of the list of things to pack? Fear not! You may be surprised to learn that your fridge may hold the remedies to help with the insect bites to the sun-burn.

Natural ingredients to the rescue!

Qualified pharmacist, Dave Harcombe, writes for the over 50’s travel review and advice site, Silver Travel Advisor and says, “summer holiday aches, pains and beauty disasters can often be cured or alleviated by a quick trip to the fridge” and has come up with his coolest tips for a healthy and beautiful summer.

Ice Advice

Ice is the ultimate cure-all as ice and ice packs alleviate muscle soreness, itches and insect bites, reduce bruising, help stop bleeding and relieve pain and swelling. Even removing splinters becomes easier and less painful after numbing the area with an ice cube, while sucking on an ice-cube will relieve the pain of tooth-ache. Make a cheap and effective ice pack by dropping ice cubes into a rubber glove.

Believe it’s Butter

Rub a knob of butter into the hands to remove fishy smells, then wash off with soap and hot water, or massage butter into dry hair and cover with a plastic bag or shower cap for a soft, silky finish.

Cool News for Beach Blues

Applying neat, fridge-cooled gin eases sunburn and soothes the skin. Cheaper alternatives include natural yoghurt, cold potato slices, cucumber slices and cold tea bags.

For heat exhaustion and sunburn drink cool water. Don't gulp. Little and often is best.

Banish Varnish to the Fridge

When nail polish becomes cloggy and thick, simply put it fridge and the varnish returns to its best in a few minutes. Lipsticks kept in the fridge last longer and are easier to use too.

Cool Cure for Hot Heads

Cooled raw potato slices applied to the brow are an instant headache relief.

Hiccups? Fridge First

Stop hiccups by sucking a cold lemon slice or an ice cube. Or try drinking small quick sips of ice cold water.

Milky Clean

Dip cotton wool balls in milk and use as a face cleanser.

Face Up to It

Add an egg yolk to cooled mayonnaise for an effective face mask.

Breathe Easy

For lingering garlic smells chew on sprigs of parsley straight from the salad box of the fridge.

Sting Relief

Place a slice of cool leek, cucumber or raw onion onto sting, cover with a bandage and leave for a few hours.

Say ‘YO’ to Yoghurt

Yoghurt is one of the greatest and healthiest food aids. Natural yoghurt containing live acidophilus culture is an antibiotic, an immunity booster and helps clear up travellers’ diarrhoea, it also soothes ulcers and helps clear up yeast infections.

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