Using your phone on holiday

Using your phone on holiday

All these apps have been carefully selected to suit different types of holiday-goers. I'm sure you will find a couple of useful ones, if not all of them. However, many of these apps can be downloaded whilst you are at home using your own network's internet of home wifi. Before using any of these apps on holiday though, please make sure that you have free wifi or international roaming activated. Always be mindful of any extra charges to use the internet when abroad and confirm this with your network provider before you go on holiday.

1.World Travel Guide by Triposo - Apple and Android
You now only need the one guide for where-ever you ae going. Best thing about this one is that it is free and works offline.One travel guide for the whole world. Get inspired by
the suggestions provided by the app based on your location, the weather, etc. Handy maps are always useful for finding your way.It's also been rated 4.5 stars on android!

2.Holiday Postcards (Free) - Android, Appstore, Nokia
Send your friends back home a REAL-LIFE postcard (no virtual animation thing), directly made from your phone to their mailbox. The prices are not bad either and only take 3-5
working days for your recipeint to get the card. Awesome!

3. PolyClock™ World Clock (£1.99) Android and Apple Appstore
May not be one for everyone, You can gain access to day, night, and time zones at a glance on digital & analogue clocks, map and globe with this cleverly thought out application.
Time zone troubles are now finally eradicated with PolyClock's exclusive daylight clock technology. This is great for business users, because the app allows you to schedule
meetings and set alarms for any time zone so you can avoid mix-ups when travelling for work.

4.Wunderlist - To-do & Task List (Free) Android, Apple Appstore
Wunderlist is the easiest way to manage and share your daily to-do lists and is great for when you are on holiday to cover what you want to do for each day. You can plan out the
adventures for that day of make a shopping list - Wunderlist is going to help before your holiday and also help you be organised whilst on holiday.

5. Kindle App (Free) Android, Apple, Windows
Great little app for when you are spending hours topping up the tan on the beach. You can access your kindle library from logging in to this simple app and gain access to
millions of books.

6. Exchange Rates (Free) Android, Apple
And easy to use currency converter with no ads! Always be in the know for when the rates are sky high and get more for your money.

7. Expedia Hotels & Flights (Free) Apple, Android, Windows
The Expedia Hotels & Flights app lets you view a beautiful itinerary of the trips you've booked in the app or on our website. As always, you can save up to 40% with amazing Expedia Mobile Exclusive hotel deals and then, use your phone or tablet to find the best flight to anywhere in the world.

8. Tango Video, Voice and Text (Free) Android, Appstore, Nokia, Windows
allows you to easily connect with friends & family or make new friends. Make video & voice calls, send text messages, play games and more all for free. around the world using Tango as their #1 social messaging and entertainment app.

9. Wikitude (Free) Android, iPhone/iPod touch.
One of the best “augmented reality” apps available, which lets you point your phone’s camera at your surroundings and then annotates the screen with notes on local accommodation,
restaurants and sites

10. Offline dictionaries (Free) Android
Offline dictionaries allows you to browse dictionaries without a network connection, such as when you're bored and on a plane simply wanting to browse, travelling abroad to a
foreign place, when you find yourself in out of cellular tower range or simply if you want to save battery!You download the dictionaries to the SD card the first time you launch the app.

Think there are any others that are must-have holiday apps, that I have left out? Tweet me with your suggestions!

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