Holiday Home In Cornwall

Holiday Home In Cornwall

Cornwall came out top destination in the UK as Britons choice for where they would most like to have a holiday home - revealed by some new site data by holiday home insurance provider. Although when asked if money was no objection, then they decided to opt in for a lavish home in the Lake District.

The data looked to see what attitudes Britons held towards holiday homes; specifically looking at favoured locations all around the UK. 1,911 adults were a part of this poll and the top five destinations were infact revealed in the following order:

1. Cornwall

2. Devon

3. Cumbria

4. Norfolk

5. Dorset

After this the participants were questioned on “If money were no issue, where would you most like to purchase a holiday home (s) in the UK?” this bought about results for the top ten favoured holiday home destinations in the UK:

1. Lake District- 43%

2. Devon (South Coast)- 39%

3. Sandbanks, Dorset- 37%

4. Cotswolds, Gloucestershire- 35%

5. Cornwall (North Coast)- 33%

6. Scottish Highlands- 29%

7. Pembrokeshire, Wales- 25%

8. Devon (North Coast)- 22%

9. Norfolk- 21%

10. Brighton- 17%

Apart from this just over half the participants had said they would prefer a holiday home in the UK rather than owning one abroad.

“The UK is incredibly rich in holiday home hotspots; something that the unpredictable weather often causes us to forget. The varied landscape offers beautiful locations for holiday homes on the coast, in the country or the town- yet our results reveal those near water to be very much the favourite. It was surprising to see that although Cornwall was currently the place in which most holiday homes could be found, based on our data, the Lake District was actually the most desirable location for a second property if money wasn’t an issue. In our poll, Cornwall actually came in 5th place, so perhaps those with holiday homes in Cornwall are currently considering a move up north!” Phil Schofield, Spokesperson for Schofields Holiday Home Insurance, said.

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