Ask her before buying a drink!

Ask her before buying a drink!

So you’re on holiday, your with your friends, you’re single and a guy comes up to you at a bar or on the beach and starts to flirt. What are they doing right, but most importantly how many mistakes are they making? Guys, you all need to read this to avoid the pitfalls for holiday flirting!

Company founder of Victoria Milan and CEO Sigurd Vedal states: “Apparently many men just aren't beach boys! But thanks to our female members, men at least have some hints about what NOT to do when trying to flirt at the shore.”

Many men opt for wearing skimpy speedos, which can show a little too much for a first encounter with 46%  or women thinking that skimpy beach wear is simply an embarrassment not a turn on.

Second on the list was being too drunk, when you can barely stand and look like you are on the verge of throwing up, this will not get you a date but a hand in your face!

Winking and throwing kisses is something women, despite common misconception, detest. It looks like you are trying too hard and is very cliché.

Constantly staring at her breasts or asking for their number too soon into a conversation, says that you are trying too hard and that you only want one thing.

If you try to get the girl too drunk then this also means that you are trying to get them into a state where they will agree to anything! Immediately the trust is gone.

Bad dancing can only be associated with your uncle or dad at a wedding, on holiday in a club with other young people- it has not place there!

Being pushy only sends girls one way and that is in the opposite direction of you, take your time and put in the effort.

Using the typical chat up lines and worn out phrases does not work and never has, it only makes you sound unimaginative and uncaring.

Using friends as ‘wing men’. If you have not got the guts to talk to her then you are not worth her time.

Playing the good boy is just as bad as being a bad guy, it makes girls suspicious and makes you sound fake, be yourself!

As well as the advice from Victoria Milan, I asked the girls in the office what their biggest bugbears are if they are hit on when they are on holiday. We are all in agreement that unnecessary touching is not only awkward but wrong. Specifically our backs, our bums or anywhere else below the waist!

Singing, even if you are reasonably good, which is unlikely, is also a no no, everyone looks at you both, so if the approach was not awkward already you have just made it twice as bad!

Shouting that you would like to sleep with someone, is not sure fire way to actually get into their pants, in fact they would probably sleep with every other man in the world before you.

Buying a girl a drink suggests that you might have spiked it, so don’t but her one unless she watches you do so at the bar and if she asks you too!

Finally, lying, getting you mate to pretend that you are semi-professional football player and then asking to have their photo taken with you will only end in disaster, as the truth will always come out!


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