Holiday gifts are a waste of money

Holiday gifts are a waste of money

Stats revealed that souvenirs brought back as a token by friends and family from holidays are thrown away one week later and foods are the most likely to be disposed of.

It is something we all do, hunt around for trinkets and items with the relevant insignia on to give to our friends and family to mark the trip, however it has been revealed that it is imply a waste of time and money as a mere one week later these unwanted girts are thrown away.

My Voucher codes website took 1.387 Britons over 18, all of whom has been on holiday in the last year.

Over 55% of the Brits bought something for their friends or family; while 58% has received a gift from someone else post their holiday.

Participants were asked ‘Do you ever throw away holiday souvenirs brought back for you by friends or family?’ to which just over two thirds, 68%, answered ‘yes’.

They were then asked how long it took them to throw the item away and 27% said that they waited a few days compared to 50% who threw them way within the week after getting them.

They were then asked to state what it was that they had thrown away and came up with the following list:

According to the study, the top 10 souvenirs most likely to be thrown away by Britons were as follows:

  1. Traditional foods/ confectionery 62%
  2. Counterfeit clothing – 57%
  3. Key rings – 42%
  4. Novelty lighters -39%
  5. ‘I Love <Location>’ T-Shirt – 33%
  6. Hotel room toiletries – 28%
  7. Local alcohol– 22%
  8. Seashells– 20%
  9. Postcards – 18%

10.Trinkets – 15%

Mark Pearson, Chairman of, commented on the results:

“Bringing souvenirs back from holiday for friends or family always seems like a good idea at the time, but our results show that it could literally be money in the bin. Usually, souvenirs are last minute nick- nacks that you feel pressured into buying for fear of returning home empty handed, but even you mean well, you might be better off not buying anything for the others and having more money to spend on yourself!”


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