Holiday injury

Holiday injury

My has found that Brits are two times more likely to get injured while they are on holiday than at home, with sunburn topping the charts, closely followed by beach and pool injuries.

Despite being the time to relax and do less, it would seem that Brits are most at risk of getting injured comparedto when they are going about their normal lives at home.

The study involved 1,322 British holiday makers between the ages of 18 and over, who had all been abroad in the last year.

They were asked if they had ever had an injury while on holiday and 77% said yes. 21% have injured themselves while on holiday in Britain compared to 43% who were injured while they were aboard.

The top five injuries are as follows:

1.       Sunburn – 59%

2.       Beach injuries – 42%

3.       Pool injuries – 29%

4.       Car accidents – 23%

5.       Slips/falls – 16%


36% admitted to injuring themselves while they were at home.

34% claimed that the reason for their heightened risk of injury is because they are more reckless on holiday than at home and 27% suggested that it was because they were under the influence of alcohol.

Mark Pearson, Chairman of, commented on the results:

“Holiday injuries are unfortunately very common. People tend to let go and sometimes become careless in their actions. My advice is to be careful and always be prepared when going on holiday, especially abroad, as things can be a bit different in terms of weather, rules on the roads or even food-wise if they are not used to it and want to avoid upset stomach. You wouldn’t want your holidays to be ruined just because you didn’t prepare yourself properly.”


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