Although it's unclear exactly how our holidays will look in the not-so-distant future, the government's exit strategy has got us excited about the prospect of a post-pandemic getaway — but where should you go? 

Top Destinations To Visit For Your First 2021 Getaway

Top Destinations To Visit For Your First 2021 Getaway

After emerging from a year to forget, it’s about time we make the most of lost holidays by enjoying our favourite hobbies in the most indulgent of locations.

In this article we look at the following desirable places to visit and who they’re best suited for as we begin to daydream about our perfect first getaway of 2021: 

  • Monte Carlo: for the casino lover
  • Sedona: for the outdoors type
  • Tuscany: for the foody

Read on as we start holiday planning for a getaway that fills a void in all our lives. 

Monte Carlo: for the casino lover

Monte Carlo is a city of glamour, luxury — and high stakes gambling. 

Bursting with luxurious hotels and stunning beaches, Monte Carlo ticks all the boxes, but as a casino lover seeing the iconic Casino de Monte-Carlo has to top your bucket list. 

Opened in 1863, this casino exudes history and architectural wonder, so even if your budget doesn’t quite stretch for the buy-in, simply taking in the grandeur surely beats staring into your phone. Plus, Sun Casino is right around the corner ready to offer a much more relaxed and comfortable gambling experience. 

If you’re looking to sip gin & tonic in the sun and bask inside some of the worlds most historic casinos, then we can’t think of a much better place to be than Monte Carlo. 

But we understand it’s not to everyone’s taste...

Monte Carlo not passing the vibe check? After a year of only being able to play at online casinos, it’s important you choose the right location for your maiden post-pandemic trip. 

From Las Vegas to London, the world is full of fantastic places for all types of casino lovers to enjoy. Whether you’re looking to be wowed by blinding lights or take in a little culture on the side, has a great list of alternative locations.

While an afternoon stroll around your local park has been the saving grace for many people over lockdown, it doesn’t quite scratch the surface for those who yearn for adventures in the great outdoors. 

Once restrictions are lifted these people will flock to some of the most scenic and inspiring areas across the world: But where should you pick first?

We recommend you meander off the beaten path and choose Sedona — a beautiful part of Arizona, known for its breathtaking cliff walks, lush forest adventures and arid desert trails. 

You better remember to take your hiking boots along when visiting Sedona because it's home to some of the most challenging yet rewarding hikes around: 

  • Cathedral Rock
  • Soldier Pass 
  • West Fork

Although Sedona might not be the first location that comes to mind when you think of holidays, if you’re in the mood for adventure then we can’t think of a place more well suited to your needs. 

Check out some of the best Sedona hikes at and see for yourself what makes Sedona the perfect place to soak in the vastness of the great outdoors after a year of being locked inside.

With the doors closed shut on the hospitality industry for much of this past year, the foody in all of us has been left wanting — but now holiday getaways are on the cards, we can say goodbye to home-cooked experiments and hello to fresh, authentic cuisine. 

If world-class food is what you’re passionate about then not much beats enjoying a wholesome dining experience while looking out towards the rolling country hills of Tuscany — an authentically historical region of Italy that dances with a contemporary edge, just like its incredible food. 

While bread and olives are sure to grace every Tuscan table, you should also keep a special eye out for these regional favourites: 

  • Panzanella
  • Potato Torelli
  • Castagnaccio

Now more than ever, with our mouth’s watering and tummy’s rumbling, we guarantee a trip to Tuscany in 2021 will satisfy the cravings of any foody. 

But if you have a different culinary palette in mind, has a fantastically varied list of locations where you’re sure to find your food heaven. 

Whether you’re a big foody, casino lover or outdoors type, the pandemic has curtailed some of our favourite hobbies and taken the shine off things. 

Let the prospect of a getaway light a fire under our favourite activities in the most indulgent of ways. Be it Monte Carlo, Tuscany, Sedona or anywhere else in the world, our fingers are crossed for a new adventure in 2021.