Following the considerations from students on where they'd like to start studying this September, most of their minds had undoubtedly drifted to the likes of Manchester, London or (if you’d really smashed your results), Cambridge. However, the UK isn’t the only place you can gain a degree and rainy days could quickly become a thing of your past…

Fancy studying abroad?

Fancy studying abroad?

GlobalGrad allows students to travel the world whilst studying for a degree, visiting a new, life-changing corner of the world each semester. GlobalGrad’s experts, outline 6 incredible places you could study next year; from Thailand and Vietnam to New Zealand, there are many incredible benefits to alternative learning abroad, offering invaluable life experience gained by leaving the lecture room and broadening your horizons.

1. Thailand

Thailand is the geographical heart of South-East Asia; with a glorious tropical climate and golden temples that truly fascinate, you’ll be studying in one of the most compelling places on the planet.

Buddhism is the dominant religion in Thailand and there are beautiful sites to behold around every corner. In Udon Thani, lilies on the Red Lotus Lake burst into a riot of crimson blooms, and an array of exotic species, including Gibbons, call the Khao Sok National Park home. As you earn your qualification, you can indulge in the country’s delicious street food, including tangy tom yum soup and stir-fried crabmeat. Not to mention, you can look forward to days spent watching elephants in the wild, some places you might even allow you to give them a mud bath!

2. Vietnam

Vietnam has some stunning locations
Vietnam has some stunning locations

Vietnam boasts dramatic landscapes, epic food and a fantastically rich history. If you’re a coffee lover you’ll undoubtedly want to visit this iconic country. As the second biggest producer in the world, Vietnam knows a little something about good coffee (plus as a student, if you don’t already love coffee you soon will…). Served with sweetened condensed milk, this makes for an unmissable treat while packing in those extra study hours.

Simultaneously, you can visit floating markets, the Son Doong Cave (the biggest cave in the world) and Sapa, a hill station in the Northwest of Vietnam which is undoubtedly one of the country’s best scenes; its dramatic rice terraces make this an unmissable trip. These destinations far outweigh the four walls of a typical lecture theatre… all helped of course by the mouth-watering Vietnamese delicacy of rice pancakes.

3. Singapore

If you’re worried about studying abroad and not feeling safe, Singapore will prove that you have nothing to fear. The Time Out City Life Index 2018 found that 98% of people living in Singapore feel safe, compared to the global average of 28%. Meanwhile, you’ll experience the waterfront views of Marina Bay, often described as the best in the world… in case you weren’t already relaxed enough.

Also, you can grasp the opportunity to see Pandas in their natural habitat; the River Safari is home to Kai Kai and Jia Jia, a couple of giant pandas who will blow you away with their beaming smiles. Plus, it’s where chilli crab was invented… need I say more?

4. Prague

Prague's always a good choice!
Prague's always a good choice!

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is an incredible city, rich in history and culture, with views to die for; you’ll never look back. Stroll across Charlies Bridge listening to street performers, whilst

watching caricature artists in their element. Before you know it, you’ll be in Old Town; surrounded by immaculate buildings and al fresco restaurants, you can drink beer by the gallon and indulge in mouth-watering goulash served in bread bowls.

Meanwhile, Prague’s famous delicacy, the chimney cake, cannot be missed. This sweet treat comes in an array of flavours; from white chocolate to Nutella, jam and pistachio, this cake (that can only be described as a life-changing hollow donut) will far outweigh any dessert you’ve tried before.

5. Zagreb

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, offers a unique patio culture; basically, every café in Zagreb has a patio from which you can bask in the sun and watch the world go by. This may explain the many bookstores in Croatia… In the winter, enjoy these patios with blankets and outdoor heaters.

Croatia also offers amazing food; think piles and piles of grilled meat and you’ll have a little understanding of the meals that await you.

6. North America

Perhaps New York could be your new home?
Perhaps New York could be your new home?

The states of North America are iconic and all wonderfully unique; from Texas and Alaska to Washington, you’ll find limitless variety in these destinations. Visit a Rodeo in Texas, the Whitehouse in Washington and make life-long memories that’ll redefine your love for everything American.

Visit a Wendy’s, grab a donut, and study in the home state of the President, you’ll be on the road to academic success with the bonus of U.S culture, helping you have the trip of a lifetime.

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