Relaxing in the pool

Relaxing in the pool have revealed that men (26%) are booking more spa days for their ladies in order to guarantee a night between the sheets, which is much more then women at mere 14%. has launched a sale today lasting over a fortnight, which found that the relaxing ambiance in a spa is the ultimate way to get your partner in the mood. 43% of Brits revealed that sex is on the cards four times more than normal after a day at the spa.  


Men, who would perhaps not admit it to their partners, that they get a massage on the chance they might get a female masseuse (17%). Over half of the ladies (56%) enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that the spa provides. One in five of the men revealed that they enjoy having sex in a different place and 19% said that they enjoyed the feel of the dressing gowns that the spa provided.


Top ten experiences males enjoy whilst on a spa hotel break with their partner beyond its calming environment...





Enjoying some alone time



Enjoying pampering treatments together



Having sex in a new/different location



Soft, fluffy dressing gowns



The female/ male masseuse



Getting away from the kids



Having more sex than usual



A skin softening facial



Seeing my partner in swimwear





The recession has not only had an impact on our finances but also on our love lives, finding that the current climate has been a passion killer according to 45% of the participants.

40% said that mortgage repayments also contributed to low libido coupled with the chance of losing their job.


A smaller percentage (19%) said that worrying about getting older and their current workload was putting them of having sex with their partner. The biggest of all (84%) said it was because they were simply too tired.


Mark Maddock, Managing Director of UK and Ireland says“With the current state of the economic climate, it’s understandable why more people are considering a relaxing weekend away to forget about their everyday stresses. Spa hotels are always a good way to relax after a hard week at work and clearly our cheeky customers are making the most of their weekends away!”’s UK Spa Fortnight sale starts today, which offers discounts of up to 50% on both spa day and weekend breaks. Visit the last minute website for more info.


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