Chris Evans famously photographed with a toothbrush was not just a fan of the phrase, ‘don’t forget your toothbrush’ was actually routed in some truth- Brits mostly forget their toothbrush on Holiday and 10% surprisingly have forgotten their underwear!


Late Deals revealed the most common things that holiday makers forget to pop into heir suitcase


  • · 48% have left at least one holiday essential at home

      · The toothbrush is the most commonly forgotten item

      · Men are more likely to leave behind underwear

      · 5% confessed to forgetting their passports


The results are staggering- over half of us forget to take something important with us holiday!


The toothbrush is the most common offender with 21% of us forgetting this as well as other necessary toiletries for going way with. 11% forget to take underwear, while the other (11%) forget to take our camera on holiday leaving us with no photographic memories of our trip.


Shockingly, 4% leave the house without currency and 5% leave without their passport!


Women tend to be less forgetful then men are, less so when the toothbrush is in the mix. Men, however are much faster packers, 55% of them forgetting to pack their essentials, whereas only 40% of females are guilty of this.


18-24 year olds are the most forgetful age group, whilst 45-54 year olds are the least likely to have forgotten something (61% have never forgotten an item).


Calum Macdonald from Late Deals commented: “Last minute is best when you’re booking a holiday because of the fantastic savings that you can make, but leaving it late is not great when it comes to packing it seems, particularly when it’s left to the night before as many of us do and we tend to forget things.


“To avoid the disappointment of leaving an essential or special item at home, and the expense and hassle of buying new supplies, it’s best to plan in advance and make a list of all holiday essentials.”


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