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Holiday info revealed today that areas of the UK are renowned for having very different attitudes towards their spending when it comes to their holidays. The quantity of spending money also differs considerably depending on where they live in the country.


The survey took 2,000 adults and found that over two thirds of them will not spend more than £500 per person on a week’s stay abroad on a late deal.  


 In Scotland most spend less than £500 on their holidays, with a huge 80% managing to stay within this budget, whereas only 64% of Londoners are able to stay within this budget.


Those living in the north west tend to fall somewhere in the middle as only 63% of them managed to stay under the £500 mark, while in Wales, 75%  and 74% of those living in the north west tend to stick by their budget of £500. 


Calum Macdonald from, said:


“These results reinforce our own findings. An average spend per person this year on a holiday, which offers up to 70% off the original selling price because they’re departing in the next eight weeks, is £504. The average saving our customers enjoy is around 45%. 


“We also do see skews in terms of regional spend. People from throughout the UK search from more than 204,000 deals on our site to get the deal that suits them and many are willing to travel to other UK airports if a deal is a great deal.


“Times are still hard and people wherever they are in the UK are keener than ever to save where they can – especially on holidays.


“The benefit with a late deal is that you get a lot more for your money, so £500 really does go a lot further. It’s easy to pick up some real bargains, with four and five star accommodation available at a fraction of the cost.”


Despite going for the cheapest deal, the Scots like to spend while they are on holiday, on average £320 per week, which is £30 more than Londoners, who have already shelled out more before they have even left home turf.


The North West also like to treat themselves while they are away, with an average of £310, closely followed by the north east at £306 and the Midlands at £305. The Welsh are the most careful while they are on holiday taking only £270 with them.


When asked what they spend the majority of their money on when out there, just over half said meals and eating out, followed by alcohol (40%), snacks (17%) and visiting places (16%).  4% said buying souvenirs!


Calum Macdonald from added: “Spending money forms a big chunk of a holiday budget, and finding a cheaper holiday deal can free up more cash to spend once abroad, which the Scots seem to do well!


“We are also finding that more price conscious travellers are now opting for all inclusive deals, so they know their budget before taking off and don’t need to worry about the cost of food, drink and other little extras, which need to be considered on other board options like self-catering. 50% of all of our bookings are now on all-inclusive holidays.” has over 240,000 holiday deals to choose from, all departing within eight weeks, with up to 70 % discount.


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