The Maldives

The Maldives

If you won the lottery where would you go to on holiday? A leading travel agency asked Britons where they would most want to travel to if they won the jackpot and it revealed that the Maldives is top of the pile. This was closely followed by the Seychelles and St Lucia in the Caribbean. 


The amount of winnings was any amount over half a million pounds and if money was no object Britons would go to the Maldives as their first holiday pit stop.


The website Sunshine wanted to look into the holiday habits of Brits and in the survey of 1,672 adults they were all asked about how they would spend their winnings.


78% of people said that a holiday would be first on their list of expenditures and all were asked if they won over 500,000 where they would go on holiday first.


According to the poll, the top 10 most desirable holiday destinations, if money were no object for Britons, were as follows:


1. The Maldives – 19%

2. Seychelles – 13.2%

3. St Lucia – 10.6%

4. Australia– 9%

5. Dubai – 8.8%

6. Hawaii – 8.2%

7. Thailand – 7%

8. Spain – 5%

9. Barbados – 3%

10. Mexico – 2.5%


Participants were then quizzed on what accommodation they would stay in and found that 67% would rather have a 5* luxury hotel, while the other 24% would want a luxury private villa.


Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of, said the following:

“Winning the lottery is the dream for everyone and I’d imagine that a house, car and holiday would be top of the shopping list for most people. We wanted to find out where people would go in the world if money were no object.


“To see luxury destinations like the Maldives and St Lucia up there near the top is understandable, as they are places renowned for being quite pricey. However, it was endearing to see places closer to home like Spain appearing there, as Britons clearly love what the country has to offer. It’s a family favourite for many and it seems as though that wouldn’t change, even if their bank balances did.”


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