Please can you tell us what you are getting up to in Disney World with your daughter?

MIchelle Heaton, daughter Faith and Chef Mickey

MIchelle Heaton, daughter Faith and Chef Mickey

Faith and I were sent out here for a few days and we have been doing some shots around the park. We have been getting dressed up in costumes that relate to the area of the park we have been in. A couple of days ago we were in a really cool diner in Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios and we got dressed up in 50s gear. We are promoting the free dine package. For a family of four for seven nights- they can dine in any of the restaurants around the resort for free. The offer is really cool because it saves you over £1,000 during the week. We as a family of four are always looking to save money when we go on package holidays. You may think it's cheaper to go on a holiday to somewhere like Europe, however when somewhere like Walt Disney World offers a promotion where you are saving so much money, I don't think there are any excuses. For me, I think Walt Disney World Florida is always on the top of every family's holiday wish list. Now that this is in place, you can come and afford it- it's just really exciting. Families get their vouchers and decide how to use them around the park and dine for free.

There are many culinary delights on offer; does this include catering for intolerances and other dietary requirements?

It says on all the meus that if you have a food intolerance or food allergy- don't hesitate to speak to the waiter or the chef. Where possible they will always make allowances.

What has been your favourite meal out so far?

Kona Café at the Polynesian Village Resort. I assumed before coming here that the food was just limited to the park. I thought it would be a quick service and not a sit down waiter service. Most of the meals in the restaurants are around the parks but also the hotels. Anyone that knows me and follows me knows how much I love sushi, I always tweet about sushi so that was my favourite restaurant for that reason.

Faith's favourite was in the Magic Kingdom- it's called the Be Our Guest Restaurant. It's in Belle's castle, so it's themed where Belle and Beast have their dance. There is a room where the rose is and you can eat in that room too.

You order at the counter and sit down and with your magic wrist band, everyone has one- they magically bring food to your table because of the sensors in it. It's amazing- I was freaking out! I asked one of the waiters 'how do you know where we are because you are allowed to sit wherever you want?' and he told us 'we find you because of the sensors on your wrist'. Faith thought it was brilliant that they could find her.

To what extent is there a balance of indulgences and healthier options?

I think everyone knows that I am a massive advocate on healthy eating but I do become a bit more relaxed on holiday. I don't just focus on eating lettuce leaves. I have been really surprised by the healthy food options especially with the kids meals. Every single restaurant we have been in- the kids get their own menu. The starters have been really cool- yesterday Faith's starter was a selection of cheeses and crackers as opposed to fried chicken or something like that. They had really good options. There were actually two separate menus for kids yesterday. Everything comes with a drink and it's all Mickey inspired.

I think Faith's favourite breakfast are the Mickey Wholegrain Waffles; she gets the maple syrup and pours it all over them!

The American diet often gets criticised by health food professionals, so do you feel there is a massive difference in the food there and the food back home?

It's better! That variety here is second to none! I love America and I think it only gets a bad rep because people choose to eat badly. You can choose to eat badly anywhere in the world. I am not one of these people who blames a country and their food on someone being overweight. It's a personal choice- it's up to you what you eat.

The research looks at some of the favourite foods of children through the ages, so what was your favourite food as a child and what does your daughter enjoy at home?

As a child, I got brought up on things like Shepherd's Pie and Corned Beef Hash. My mum was a chef in the navy, so it was all very hearty, meaty foods.

Faith likes pasta- quite a lot of Italian themed foods- she likes spaghetti, she enjoys things like Fish Pie. Faith's not that particular with food which means she eats pretty much anything.

Do you feel that children of today have more sophisticated palates than they once did?

I think that's a true statement. There is much more variety and we are much more educated as parents on what we should and should not be feeding our children. I think we need more healthy eating education in schools however. Jamie Oliver has done amazing things in schools. I think we need to look at educating children rather than telling them what to eat.

Why do you think Walt Disney World remains so popular today with adults and children alike?

It doesn't matter what age you are- it's just the most magical place in the world. I am here with Faith but I am looking at the options for adults. I want to come back with my husband for him and me to have our holiday. Every year we have two weeks away while the grandparents have the kids and I think this could be one of our holiday choices without the kids. I don't think it has to be necessarily for children. It's got so many options and some of the restaurants are so elegant. I want to stay- I'm not going to lie!

What have you get left to while you're there?

Just a couple of more interviews and then we go home today. I start a new project on Sunday so I have to go home- boo!

What have been your highlights?

The food has been so good- I am really impressed with the variety of food choices and restaurants here.

A highlight was Faith getting to eat with the princesses- a lot of the places do character meals. The kids' faces when they meet the princess they have dreamed about while eating great food- it doesn't get any better than that!

Michelle Heaton is working with Walt Disney World Resort in Florida to showcase the delicious range of meals included in its 2016 Free Dine promotion which allows families to eat for free at the resort. To book your Free Dine package by 3rd November 2015 and for full T&Cs go to Visitors need to book by 3rd November to take advantage of the offer between 29th May and 29th August 2016.

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