moving boxes

moving boxes

Global Visas took 1,451 residents between 18-25 and asked them about their attitudes towards moving abroad.

Respondents were initially asked 'Have you been travelling for an extended period (a month of longer) before?' to which 27% said that 'yes' they had. 17% said that they planned to 'in the future'. However the remainder, 56%, had 'no plans to'.

They were also asked 'Can you see yourself moving abroad in the future?' to which 39% said that 'yes' they could. The remainder, 63%, claimed not to hold any interest in doing so.

Respondents were then asked 'When do you think you'll be likely to look at moving abroad, if ever?' which revealed that 21% of the total respondents said they intended to do so when they were 'no older than 40'. However a further 18% said that they would only look to move abroad for 'retirement plans'.

Those who said that they would move abroad no later than age 40 were probed as to why they were specific about this age and it was found that they wanted to experience the world while they are still relatively young, 37%. 29% believed that by this age they would have gained enough employment experience and acquired enough savings to get a good equivalent job abroad.

Those who wanted to move abroad were asked whether they would go there temporarily or permanently and 62% said it would be temporary, as opposed to the other 38% who said it would be permanently.

41% believed that moving abroad would provide more employment opportunities and 32% believe that the world was bigger than just Britain. 29% thought that if you have the opportunity to experience a different culture then you should take it. 27% enjoyed the experience of travelling and consequently wanted to take in as many different cultures as possible.

Liam Clifford of made the following comment:

"The world has changed for younger generations. It's ever shrinking and the travel bug is something that has gripped people more and more in recent years as the world has become more accessible."

He continued:

"With people getting a taste for different cultures when young, it seems that they're keen to experience them on a more permanent basis and immerse themselves for the long term. Gone are the days of having to walk to the next village to find a new life. Now you can fly to the other side of the world!"


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