rock music destinations

rock music destinations

Today is the world of rock. Here are five great places to let loose your rock and roll side.

Seattle, Washington, USA

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One of the ultimate rock destinations in the world, Seattle has produced some of the most iconic bands in history. Although it has been producing music for a long time and is still producing reputable names now, its wonder years lay between ‘85 and ‘95, when it gave birth to grunge. Seattle’s poster children include Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Although Rio isn’t a place that has produced legendary rock music, it is the birthplace of the world’s largest rock and roll festival - the goliath that is Rock in Rio. Attracting one and a half million fans each year and staging the biggest names in Rock, this festival has become an icon rock music over the last 25 years.

Manchester, England

Through the 80s, the Manchester scene mixed ecstasy and guitars to produce the iconic sounds of psychedelic indie rock, producing worldwide names such as The Stone Roses and The Happy Mondays. 

However, even before the Madchester scene, bands like Joy Division, New Order and The Smiths were flying the flag. After the 80s the city moved onto Britpop and gave birth to Manchester legends, Oasis.

Oslo, Norway

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Although metal is now considered a genre by itself, it grew up with rock as its daddy. There are many styles of metal, but not many are more fascinating than Norwegian black metal. With a very publicly disturbing history, involving murder and suicide from major names in the industry, black metal has settled over the years and become a little more grounded. However, fans are still flocking to Norway to indulge in the bizarre history that played out during the early 90s.

London, England

London was a very influential place during the punk revolution in the 70s and 80s, leading the way with bands like The Clash and The Sex Pistols. The anti-authoritarian sounds reverberated around the world and punk scenes began to emerge across the globe.

Although North America has produced and is still producing big industry names, the revolution began in London and punk’s footprint can still be seen in parts of the city.

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James Mellan @jamesmellan1