mystic seaport

mystic seaport

If you are planning to visit New England this summer then here are some of the best locations for coastal attractions and boating towns to visit. From the replica of the Mayflower (the ship that brought America’s most notorious colonists) to Newport, Rhode Island where you can have fun boating in this seaside town!


Mayflower II, Plymouth MA


The original ship that sailed to Plymouth in 1620, unfortunately does not exist anymore however there is s full scale reproduction, the Mayflower 2 which was built in Devon, UK and then crossed the Atlantic in 1957 before residing in Plymouth. Down to the slightest details, the oak timers, the hemp rigging to the wood, horn lanterns and maps, have all been recreated to ensure that it is as much like the original as possible.


Newport. Rhode Island


Newport boasts lots of stunning views along the coastline as well as beautiful architecture and friendly people. Many choose to getaway at weekends to this town to tour the Gilded age mansions and spend an afternoon wine tasting through the vineyards, making it the perfect place to take your camera.



Mystic Seaport, Mystic CT


Since 1600 Mystic Seaport has been the hub of ship buildings, between 1784 and 1919, over 600 vessels were built along the Mystic River.

On December 29, 1929, Edward E. Bradley, an industrialist, Carl C. Cutler, a lawyer, and Dr. Charles K. Stillman, a physician, signed the papers incorporating the Marine Historical Association, today known as Mystic Seaport. Their dream: create a dynamic, educational institution to preserve America’s maritime culture – and turn the achievements of a past era into an inspirational force for the future


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