JUMP cable

JUMP cable

If you’re always on the go and rely on your phone to get you from A to B along with helping with everyday tasks, but it seems that, no matter how many times you re-charge the battery, it still reduces to 1% quicker than you would like.

Native Union have launched the JUMP Cable, a brand new approach to charging iOS and Android mobile devices on-the-go.

JUMP Cable charges your smartphone as well as the internal battery so you can use it as a power source to get you to your next charge, wherever you are.

Unlike other charging cables, the JUMP Cable not only charges and syncs your data and music by supporting high-speed data transfer, it is also unique in providing your smartphone with a quarter to a third of additional battery life for when you are on the go.

Once your smartphone is charged, the power from your laptop or a wall socket is automatically redirected to the JUMP Cable using AutoChargeTM technology. The JUMP Cable is then ready to be used as a portable power supply for those times when your smartphone is in urgent need of an energy boost.  As this process is automatic, users never need to remember to charge the JUMP Cable.

The winner of Australia’s Good Design award, JUMP Cable is compact and lightweight, no larger than your average matchbox and weighs less than 2 AA batteries. The JUMP Cable is the perfect solution for those who want a portable power device for their smartphone as it can easily fit inside your clutch, briefcase or coat pocket, wherever you go.

Chris Place, Senior Designer at NATIVE UNION explains: “We’ve all faced the frustrating issue of our smartphone running out of power, just when you want to make that call, send a message, or find where you are on a map. Existing solutions on the market were either too bulky, required additional messy wires or relied upon me remembering to charge them. It’s because of this that we developed a new solution that is thoughtful, intelligent and efficient by design.”

John Brunner, Founder and Managing Director at Native Union explains: “We originally launched the JUMP Cable on the Kickstarter crowd-funding site where it raised over  $372,000 in funding from almost 7,000 backers. Now that the backers have received their JUMP Cables, I am delighted to announce it is now widely available in stores and on our website.”

Casey Lau, Founder of StartupsHK and a Kickstarter Backer who has already received his JUMP adds: “It’s those last few hours in the day when you need it, right? And the size fits into that coin pocket in your jeans - no more crazy power cases for me.”

The JUMP Cable is now available to purchase from NATIVE UNION in both Lightning (for iPhone 5/5s) and Micro USB (for Android, blackberry and window devices) versions.

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