I am guilty of leaving a magazine and the packaging from my on board sweets, drinks and snacks, but as far as I know nothing as crazy as the items on this list.

We have had some strange things left in hotels rooms, but no one thinks about what air hostesses have to deal with at the end of a long haul flight.


Skyskanner revealed that passengers are forgetful when it comes to their pets, such as a falcon, frog, tortoise and a parrot all left without out their owner at the end of a flight.


Among the items that were not alive, were dentures, underwear, a glass eye, prosthetic leg, an egg without its shell, a bag of sand and a written marriage proposal. We are left wondering did the woman who forgot her wedding dress pre-empt the proposal?


24% of flight attendants have found passports, 23% have located forgotten phones and 21% have found books.


Victoria Bailie, Skyscanner spokesperson said; “Many of us have left something behind when we’ve travelled such as a book or magazine.

'However, this survey has revealed that some people have left some quite bizarre items on board and items such as the glass eye and prosthetic leg make you wonder how they could have been missed by the owner.

I’m sure one or two items have raised a few smiles among the cabin crew.”


Here are just some of the most random items that cabin crew have found on a plane:

  • Live parrot
  • Glass eye
  • Prosthetic leg
  • A bag of sand
  • A clog
  • Box of dried fish
  • One shoe
  • Wedding dress
  • Bag of diamonds
  • Wig
  • Bag of onions
  • Toupee
  • Handcuffs
  • Double bass
  • One egg (without packaging)
  • Frog
  • Underwear
  • Written marriage proposal


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