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Unplug and splash out



Let nothing can get in the way of your fun: no emails, no calls, no tweets! Let go of any hang-ups (such as wearing a swimsuit in public, besides, your family, and everyone else). Waterparks are the perfect place to have fun, without any rules and there's no reason why you can't splash around with friends and family all day, until you get wrinkly!

Face your fears

There's no limit to how loud you can scream at a water park! If you really want to test yourself, join the queue for the world's widest water slide, the Middle East's longest river ride (2.3 km) and the Middle East's longest zip line at Aquaventure.

Game on

Many water parks have slides where 5-10 people can race at once - so don't miss out or be afraid of getting the whole family involved in and racing each other. If you're a parent, you'll instantly enter a state of childlike happiness and your kids will love seeing mummy and daddy being so much fun.

It's your chance to visit Wet n Wild (before it closes)

One of Orlando's most popular water parks, Wet 'n' Wild is planned to close in December 2016, so be sure not to miss out their multi-person flumes and water slides, spread over 30 acres!

Water park fun = a good night's sleep

It can be a challenge to keep children amused during the summer, but a day at a waterpark not only guarantees total fun for them, but it also means total peace and quiet for you in the evening - they will sleep like little angels 'till the morning!

LOL at your friends and family!

No matter how uptight you are, it's impossible to slide down a twisted waterslide alongside your mum or best friend, and end up completely soaked and not laugh.

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