When you review hotels on a regular basis, it’s such a treat to be able to stay in a themed room every once in a while. Even when you are 31 years of age- the appeal of staying somewhere that is really meant for kids never really goes away.  

The Arctic Explorer Room, Alton Towers Hotel

The Arctic Explorer Room, Alton Towers Hotel

The Arctic Explorer room is just what we needed after an extremely hot day in the park on Thursday. The air con was on but the theme of the room somehow made it feel that bit cooler with the fake holes in the wall and the snowy landscape that could be seen from the windows.

The room was decorated with ‘oil lamps’, giant cogs, compasses and exposed pipes so it really did feel like you were staying in the room of an explorer.

The bathroom was no different and the wall of the shower boasted an image of a snow lined window- through which you could see zeppelins flying above mountain ranges. I have to confess, I wasn’t feeling my best on Thursday and having a hot bath while looking out on to the ‘view’ was just what I needed after the long day.

The carpet had white mounds about the door and snowy footprints along it as well as fluffy rugs about the bed.  It all gave the feeling that you were borrowing the room for a night from someone who had done a lot of exploring and who was currently out on one of their adventures.

We weren’t alone either- we were kept company by Bernard- a giant polar bear who was sitting on the children’s bed when we arrived. He kept watch over us while we slept. And we may have had a cuddle and a picture with him at the end of our stay too!

The attention to detail in the room was impressive- we even had side tables that looked like safes to store our belongings in and the cushions and throws were adorned with maps.

We were also lucky to be able to have a view of the central gardens of the hotel so when we opened the window we had the soothing sounds of the fountains in the background.

We had a little trouble with our TV when we arrived but the porter was there within ten minutes of my partner calling the problem through to reception. So he was able to watch TV while I had my bath, which allowed us both to unwind after a busy day.

I would recommend booking one of the Arctic Explorer rooms on your next visit. They are conveniently situated to the left of reception, which makes it easier for transporting your cases to and from your car. It’s also ideal for if you need to ask any questions of the staff at reception and it’s only one flight of stairs down to the Secret Garden restaurant if you need somewhere to eat of an evening.

The room ignites your imagination and certainly brings the fun back into staying away from home- and if you’re an adult- it brings out the child in you too.

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