Michael O'Leary, CEO of Irish-based low cost airline Ryanair, announced plans to launch a new website which will offer customers hotel bookings, car hire, and TripAdvisor-style reviews.



"We now have an opportunity with the new website to build Ryanair.com not just as the airline's website but as a kind of Amazon for travel in Europe," O'Leary told the Financial Times.

"All the services will be available on Ryanair.com - hotels, TripAdvisor - we want to disintermediate all the disintermediators... We have the scale to do it."

A Ryanair spokesperson told MailOnline that the brand new website will launch in October, enabling the airline to "personalise our offers, communications and our digital platform, and improve the selling of ancillary products such as car hire and reserved seats."

"We will then look to expand the offering on our website, which is already the largest travel platform in Europe, with 1.2m unique visitors every day," he added.

This revelation comes after the airline's "perfect summer", when, due in large part to a global oil price dip, "even the incompetent airlines made money", O'Leary told the Financial Times.

The company has been enjoying the benefits of overhauling its business model in 2013, with the airline being "nicer" to passengers, reducing unpopular fees, and making the website more user-friendly.