I’ve just landed back in the UK after an amazing week spent in Caribbean Paradise! My friend Emma and I travelled to the sensational Palm Island to experience a little Springtime wanderlust in the Grenadines.

Sabrina Chakici on Palm Island

Sabrina Chakici on Palm Island

To get to Palm Island we flew out via Barbados on a direct flight with Virgin Atlantic before taking a connecting flight onwards to Union Island. The flight to Barbados was just over 8 hours and the Virgin team on board were absolutely fantastic. I flew out in the premium economy cabin and back in Upper Class, both flights were an absolute dream.

It was first time flying in Upper and I have to say the service was fantastic, it was like booking a luxury hotel room for the night. I enjoyed a four course meal, excellent wine and after being offered a set of fresh Pyjamas my seat was turned into a bed, complete with a plush duvet and pillow. It took comfy flying to a whole new level!

After flying to Barbados we took an internal flight with Grenadine Air Alliance directly to Union Island over the picturesque patterns of the Caribbean islands below.  We were then greeted by the Palm Island team on arrival and driven over to the secluded resort via boat.

Travelling to the island on the mesmerising waters was all part of the breath-taking experience of our arrival, the crystal clear ocean and soda white beaches greeted us from a distance as we excitedly sailed into shore.

After a friendly and informative cocktail greeting from Katie, the resort’s manager, we were lead to our rooms. Emma and I were both staying in one of the spacious beach front rooms which were incredibly located just 10 paces from the ocean!

The island itself is 135 acres in size with 5 stunning beaches, 4 hiking trails with amazing views and turquoise waters that gleefully glisten from dusk till dawn. The beaches are completely untouched and even with the island being at full capacity we never had to wander for more than 3 minutes to find our own private slice of heaven. The views and ambience of the resort reminded me so much of the Maldives with every room having a view of the sea and the air of romance and luxury spilling into every corner of the island.

There’s a push bike available to each guest which is a great way to explore but asides from finding wanders on land there’s so many opportunities to discover more further afield. With so much to see and do in the Grenadines jumping on a boat as often as you can would be my biggest recommendation whilst staying on this luxury isolated resort.

We visited the famous idyllic shores of Tobago cays where Pirates of The Caribbean was filmed, here we took in the gorgeous scenery of the beautiful coves and snorkelled with a number of wild sea turtles and sting rays. If you have read any of my previous blogposts you’ll know by now my love for seeing animals and marine life in their natural habitat so this was a real treat!

We also took the resort boat out to the famous Morpion Island, an idyllic, fully isolated sand bank just a 20 minutes’ boat ride from the hotel. A true once in a lifetime experience as we were the only two people on the island!

If you are looking for a romantic and adventurous escape to paradise I couldn’t recommend Palm Island more!

Written by Sabrina Chakici, TV Host & Travel Expert – Follow her on instagram @sabrina_chakici