‘Well?’ asks the hubby as our boat reaches the polynesian shoreline of Bora Bora, ‘Is it as beautiful as you imagined?’.‘It’s even better!’ I beamingly reply. 

Sabrina in Bora Bora

Sabrina in Bora Bora

In a world where editing suites sit side by side camera icons we’re often swayed to have little trust in those ‘picture perfect’ images that appear in our social media feeds. Thus making it a rather rare occasion when you travel to a corner of the world that looks exactly like the vision created by swipe savvy blogger profiles and glossy magazine features.

When it comes to the islands of Tahiti however, there’s little speculation over such fabrication!

The islands of Tahiti are some of the most popular paradise escapes in the world. Dreamy turquoise lagoons surround the enviable palm fringed beaches and there is a flutter of romance in the air at all times. Last month was my very first trip to the bucket-list favourite and within moments of touching down in Polynesian Paradise I made a promise to myself that it wouldn’t be my last.

Every island in Tahiti has it’s own natural charm and with lush green mountains surrounded by inviting blue water, the island of Moorea incorporates all of the natural and expected beauty of Tahiti. The island is also the most famous for exceptional and rare marine life encounters, so naturally, as a diving enthusiast this particular island was my first stop during my week spent in The French Polynesia.

The pacific ocean surrounding Tahiti provides a safe haven for humpback whales during their migration pattern from the colder waters of the Arctic and nurtures the majestic mammals whilst they raise their young. Looking after their children means more surface time for the whales and after a few days spent at sea myself, I was able to take advantage of this and see two beautiful humpbacks spending sometime at the surface whilst I watched on in excitement!

We spent 3 days on Moorea watching the local dolphins and visiting whales glide freely through their summer mecca before heading off to the most famous island of Tahiti, Bora Bora where the astounding beauty of The French Polynesia is truly showcased.

A favourite destination for honeymooners, Bora Bora is a relatively small island with the most enviable waters in the whole of Tahiti. Most of the world’s most luxurious hotel chains have sought-after properties built on the island with the vast majority offering over water villas as standard accommodation. When staying in one of the many five star resorts the level of luxury really knows no bounds. We chose Conrad Bora Bora Nui for our stay and breathtaking views at every corner of the resort it’s easy see why so many newlyweds chose here!

This trip exceeded all expectations and so in answer to my own article title, I’m pleased to say first hand that photos taken in Moorea and Bora Bora are no illusions of grandeur, Tahiti really is paradise! 

I’ve written about the trip in more detail on my blog, clutchandcarryon.com, here you will find island guides, hotel reviews and more about our incredible whale watching experience.

Written by Sabrina Chakici, TV Host & Travel Expert, follow her on Instagram @sabrina_chakici