Gallifrey may be the native planet of Doctor Who but its Glasgow, the home of the new Time Lord, that’s in the spotlight this month as Peter Capaldi hits our screens as the new Doctor today (23/8/14).

To celebrate the eighth series, Glasgow is inviting Doctor Who enthusiasts to take a city tour like no other, with The Whovian Guide to Glasgow.


From the iconic blue police boxes dotted around Glasgow which inspired the Doctor’s time travelling machine, to the Glasgow School of Art where Peter studied before he was thrust into the spotlight, to the riverside mural of the giant Dalek which is said to sit at the bottom of the River Clyde … there are dozens of Whovian locations to discover in Scotland’s biggest city.

In light of the new series, here are some Doctor Who fun facts about Whovian links with Glasgow:

    • Capaldi isn’t the only Doctor Who actor to hail from Glasgow - John Barrowman, Adrienne Corri and Andrew Marr were also born in the city.
    • Glasgow has afeatured in numerous episodes - for example Commander Strax of the Sontaran Empire often travelled to Glasgow in the 1890’s to take a holiday.
    • In the 1967 story The Moonbase we learned that the Doctor is in fact a real Doctor, taking his degree in Glasgow in 1888.

Scott Taylor, Chief Executive of Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, commented: “As the nation gears up for Doctor Who mania we wanted to create this guide to showcase Glasgow’s long and warm relationship with all things Whovian. Whether you’re a Doctor Who devotee, a Peter Capaldi fan, or are just interested in seeing a unique side of the city, the Whovian Guide to Glasgow is a fun and interesting way to enjoy some of the city’s finest sights.”

If this has whetted the appetite of your inner Doctor Who geek, the full guide can be downloaded at:

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