Couple on holiday

Couple on holiday

Being brought up on caravan holidays, I now realise how difficult it will have been for my parents to get some alone time while we were away. I know how precious time away is with my parnter and we don't even have children yet.


Tots Too have found that parents would like some more time to have sex on holiday among other activities that exclude children.


Tots too offer a solution to this by providing childcare in the form of crèches, kids clubs and private nannies so that parents can enjoy some time by themselves on holiday as well as with their families.


Out of 1,000 parents three actives came top with kids under five. 30% of parents wanted to disappear to their rooms to have sex, 30% wanted a dinner for two and 30% wanted time alone at the pool.

Despite sex being a major contender, romance has not left the building ranking equally with some time between the sheets. Surprisingly, less than 20% wanted time in the spa to relax and get treatments.

Emma Barnett, joint Managing Director of Tots Too, says, "We understand that being a parent is a 24 hour job, even on holiday. Whilst Tots Too clients look forward to relaxed time with their little ones, they also appreciate all the other leisure pursuits that a bit of holiday childcare can allow."

Other parents wanted to rest by sleeping off the lost hours from being at home and some wanted to go to local attractions that would be of no interest to their kids.

Other prioritized catching up on books, shopping and hiking or walking.

The most shocking was that some wanted to tidy up their apartment or villa?!

So if your children we under the care of Tots Too on holiday at would you be doing?


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